If you have received the news of the death of someone you know, but for some reason can not personally attend the funeral ceremony, send a telegram of condolence. Words it should be a little. In any case, do not write the telegram in verse or quotations from books. The telegram will look too pathetic.
Send a telegram immediately upon receipt of the news of the death. If you just wait your condolences after a while would be inappropriate to remind the family about the loss of a loved one.
Imagine that you are talking to a relative of the deceased person. Choosing the words to Express condolences, try to build a sentence so that it sounded the most sincere. The goal of the telegram is the comfort and support a grieving person.
In any case, do not write the telegram in verse or quotations from books
In modern society, there is no culture of death and burial, so talking about it becomes awkward. Expression of sympathy was part of etiquette. Read the special edition, which contains guidance on writing a grieving words, describes the circumstances under which the words to write. The guide provides examples for specific cases, the loss of a spouse, child, colleagues, parents, etc.
Observe the established order of thoughts when expressing condolences in a telegram. First Express your regret for what had happened, and then Express condolences to the relatives. Inform about what you are willing to support grieving people at any time. Relatives of the deceased should appreciate your friendly, sincere participation. At the end of the telegram be sure to subscribe and don't forget to include anyone who joins your words of sympathy.