If you live in Moscow or Moscow region and you have a landline phone, you can send a telegramby use of "Telegram" provided by JSC "Central Telegraph". You need to go to the website and choosing the section "Services" go to "Telegram". Here, select Request to send the telegram", complete the required fields and submit the form. After that you will contact the operator to confirm the sending time and report the cost of your telegram. Payment telegrams will be added to your bill for telephone services.
Residents of the Russian Federation and CIS countries can take the advantage of sending a telegram via Internet on the website Here you need to go to the "Send a telegram" and fill in all required fields. After that you will be billed the cost of the telegram and proposed more than 20 payment options: credit card, debit mobile phone, system Yandex.Money, etc. Select the appropriate method, pay, and your telegram will be delivered at your specified time.