For correct operation of the link and its open use the universal language of HTML, which is written all of the sites and which is used to work with references.
Write the website address you want to send to the recipient via email. Be sure to start the address with the letters www or http — it automatically turns plain text into a link that will open when you click on it with the left mouse button. For example, instead of write or
In the simple body of an email in any email interface after these steps, the link will work. If you are writing a letter in Microsoft Word and want to attach it to the letter, make sure that after the created references have the space — then Word will perceive it as a hyperlink.
To open a link from email messages, they just click on it. To open a link from an attached Word document, click on it while holding the Ctrl key, what you will also warn the tooltip when you hover the link.
If you allow the interface through which you write a letter, you can write the link in plain text — when you mouse over it and clicking this text will lead you to the correct page. To do this, use the HTML tag < a href=”page address“>link text.

This tag can be used when creating web pages and sending links to forums that support HTML markup.