Enter the phone number of the pager provider to send messages to a pager. For each network, as in the case of mobile communication, there is a certain number of the operator. Also the message can be sent from remote terminals, and other paging centers or from mail services Internet. In this case, the switching of the subscriber on the respective servers will be performed automatically.
Tell the operator the number of the pagerand the recipient or the name of the subscriber in the network (name/nickname). Each pageris assigned to do a certain code (number) that serves as a kind of address to which the information goes to the subscriber. Pager provider, in turn, transmits the message to the pager network via a radio channel and indicates this individual code. So a wrong address or non-receipt by the subscriber of the message practically impossible.
Dictate the message. Message length can be several hundred characters (up to about 400 characters, or 4-5 pages of printed text), including letters and numbers. Messages can be received both in text and in digital format.
Check with the operator about the correctness of the received message and the personal number of the subscriber. If everything is correct, the message will be delivered to the recipient within a few seconds. Such efficiency is very handy in cases of accidents on electric, gas or oil pipelines, when you call the fire brigade or the ambulance service to alert residents of coastal areas about the impending storm or just when there is no phone in the country or outside of the village. Mass sending of messages convenient to subscribers for information about the purchase and sale of currency, Avia and railway certificates, information about the phones and addresses of references – how to get to the right place in the city (GPRS), etc.