Who has the right to a retirement pension

To draw a retirement pension are eligible persons under a certain age, the scope of which is stipulated in the law "On state pensions in RF". It is women who have reached 55 years, and men aged 60 years who have an insurance period of 5 years or more.

Where and when can I apply for a retirement pension

To apply for a retirement pension, should apply to the territorial office of the RF pension Fund at the place of permanent registration and in case of its absence the pension is made at the address of actual residence.

To apply and documents for assignment of pension payments at any time after reaching retirement age, but not earlier than one month before the emergence of the right to receive the age pension. In the case of PF for execution of payments before retirement age, the pension is appointed on the following day after it occurs the right. If the procedure is carried out at a later date, the pension is appointed on the day following the date of application to the PF and application.

Documents for registration of pension age

In order to apply for old age pension, you must prepare the originals and photocopies of the following required documents:

- application for the appointment of pension on the form, which can be taken in the Department of the Pension Fund;

- the documents proving the identity (passport, for soldiers of the obligatory military ID);

- a document confirming temporary registration in case if a pension plan to not at the place of residence of permanent residence registration;

- a document proving the availability of insurance (employment history);

- certificate showing the monthly average earnings over a period of 60 months continuous work experience, regardless of the period and place of employment;

- the pension insurance certificate.

This list is required in order to apply for a retirement pension. But in some situations when assigning an age pension, you need to provide additional documentation. So, for the design of public old-age pensions in some cases to the total package to attach the following documents:

- the documents certifying the applicant's participation in elimination of consequences of technogenic or radiation accidents;

- the documents confirming the registration address of the applicant in the exclusion zones and radioactive contamination;

- employment history that shows seniority when working in zones of radioactive contamination;

- certificates, confirming the presence of a dependent applicant disabled relatives, as well as the documents confirming the income of the entire family;

- proof of residence of the applicant in the regions with difficult climatic conditions.

One of the most common problems in the design of pension age is a work book filled in incorrectly. In the course of employment the employee is not paying enough attention to the records in the workbook that can be performed with errors. Many years later, when the need arises to draw a retirement pension, employees Pension Fund refuse to accept the document with blurred printing, errors in records, and a mismatch of numbers of orders.

To avoid this, you need to review all employment records and if there is any doubt of the correctness of entries, then confirm them in other documents.