You will need
  • - the information on monthly earnings;
  • - document the presence of disabled family members and dependent;
  • - documents on the change of name;
  • the certificate of disability.
Specify address of territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, in which it is necessary to submit documents for processing pension. If you do not have registration by place of residence, the application shall be submitted to the FIU at the place of your stay. If there is no registration, and by place of residence and place of stay, you should contact the FIU at the place of actual residence. If you have left for permanent residence abroad, you should visit a special Department of the FIU, which is located at the address: Moscow, ul Godovikova, 9. Living abroad can also make an online request, which is the link
Complete the application for the pension which has a set form. You can download it online or ask for a form at any branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Enter all the required personal information. Don't forget to sign and date filled.
Collect the documents required for processing pensions. Mandatory you must have passport, identification code and a work book or other document which confirms your employment history. Also may need the following documents: proof of average monthly earnings; the document on presence of disabled family members and dependent; documents about the name change; certificate of disability. If you have no registration, you must obtain a certificate of domicile or actual residence.
Wait for your application for a pension. This procedure usually takes no more than 10 days. If you were denied pension benefits, within five days you will receive written notification detailing the reasons.