You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate.
Alumni pass the exam at the same time with the graduates of educational institutions in may and June, according to a schedule established by Rosobrnadzor.To get started, contact a local office of the educational authorities with the appropriate application. In accordance with the law, this must be done no later than 1 March of the current year.
Present the originals and photocopies of prescribed documents (passport, certificate). If the document is in a foreign language, you also need to supply a translation thereof into Russian.
Next, you will need to pass the exam. It is the list and schedule of items, the address of the point of the exam.Come to the exam with a pass and passport.Graduates of previous years with primary or secondary vocational education, which for some reason was not able to take the exam in may or June, you can take it at the University. The record for the surrender is made directly when submitting the documents. He exam for July. Citizens who received education abroad, can also write the exam in July.
If you want to enroll in several universities, the examination shall in either case together with graduates of schools in PPE, which are educational institutions. It should be noted that school leavers before 1 January 2009 can not pass the exam, and only pass the entrance test that is conducted according to the rules of the target Institution.