You will need
  • computer;
  • - installed the Word program.
Insert a footnote in Word 2007 document, this function allows the automatic numbering of references either under section or a continuous numbering throughout the document. If you delete or move a footnote, the numbering will change immediately.
To add a footnote to a document, specify the location where you want to insert. Next go to the tab "References", click "Insert a normal footnote. Also to add footnotes, you can use the key combination CTRL+ALT+F.
Change the format of the footnote, go to "dialog box Reference", click "number Format", or use your own markings to do this, click "Symbol" select the desired character. Next then click "Paste". Enter in the box that appears the text of the footnote, then double-click the number of the footnoteto return to the sign in the document.
Paste the footnotes in the document for Word 2003 and below. To do this, open the desired document, place the cursor after the word to which you want to add a footnote. Next, go to the menu "Insert", select "Link". In the dialog that appears, select "Footnote".
In the appeared window under "Position" select in field "End of footnote"in this field, select "end of document". Then set additional settings for the format of footnotes, if needed. Next, click "OK". You will be moved to the end of the document, to create a footnote. In the field enter the desired text.
Paste the footnotes on the current page of your diploma. To do this go to the menu "Insert" select "Reference" then "Footnote". Select in the field "Reference", select "Bottom of page". Select the desired number format, and method of numbering. After selecting the desired settings, click "OK" to add a page of footnotes in degree.