Settings pages. Standard for all scientific work: left margin 35 mm, right - 10 mm, bottom and top - 20. Each new paragraph (red line) is 12.5 mm.
The font and spacing. The thesis uses the Times New Roman font size 14. Line spacing sesquialteral.

Permitted this to underscore and bold the semantic parts of the work. The Chapter titles are printed in capital letters, enable CAPS LOCK), and paragraphs – the usual.
Each Chapter is printed on a new page, while the consecutive paragraphs are double spaced.
Reduction. The thesis is unacceptable even common abbreviations: etc., etc., i.e. In such cases the words you need to write the whole thing.
After the theoretical part of the diploma obligatory Chapter in a separate paragraph on a separate page. The same applies to the conclusions of the empirical part of the work. Additionally, you must write the conclusion, which spells out the vision of issues and possible ways of its study.
The reference list should be more complete and include bibliographic information for all sources used: books, journals, monographs.
Applications submitted drawings, graphs, tables, summary data, initial results, techniques – all important, but too cumbersome for the text of the diploma. In the upper right corner of each application is marked "Application 1" and then they are numbered in order.
How to make a thesis