To begin, prepare the documents, which should be an Annex to the main document (letter, contract, etc.). It can be graphics (tables, lists, certificates, etc.) printed on separate sheets, stapled a few sheets in a single document or brochure. Number them in accordance with the recommendations on execution of applications, listed in Guest.
Each of these documents, make a mark about the app. On the first page of the document write in the upper right corner of the "Appendix" and put the sequence number. Directly under it write the name of the administrative document "to the contract on rendering of services" and its details (number and date of signature).
A note on the app and put in the main document. This can be done in the text in the appropriate section of the administrative document. For example, when transferring the taken decisions to make the link at the end of each item indicating the number of the applicationcorresponding to the subject. But in most cases, the list is given a place at the end of the main document. In this case, the category of "Application" is placed immediately beneath the main text, but before signatures.
Directly after specifying a section name, place list of documents attached, place it in a numbered list. It give the name, number of pages and copies, not forgetting compliance with the numbering. The number of sheets in the brochures do not need to specify. For documents that have their own applications, needs to be done about this mark. The number of sheets to indicate the total, that is, "everything."