You will need
  • - the text of the diploma in electronic form.
Print or format the text of the thesis in accordance with the requirements. The diploma must be printed in the twelfth or fourteenth a font called Times New Roman. Spacing should be single. Margins should be 20 mm for top, bottom and left margin and 10 mm for the right. If your text does not meet these requirements, highlight the text with the mouse, then change the settings. In Word, first in the upper left corner of the toolbar, set the appropriate type and size of font, then the menu "Format" select "Paragraph". In this category in the tab "Intervals" select required one and a half interval.

The document margins are changed in the section "page setup" located in the menu "File".
Number all pages except title page. The number must be listed at the bottom of the page in the center.
Make a list of references in accordance with the requirements. It can be organized both in alphabetical and semantic order. Titles of articles and monographs should be given in accordance with the rules. For example, for a monograph you have to specify first name, then initials of author, book title with a capital letter without quotation marks, then place of publication, publisher, if provided, year of publication, number of pages (specified by the last numbered). An example of such a write - Ivanov A. A. the History of the Middle ages. M., Prosveschenie, 1999, 345 p.

For articles, you need to specify not only the author but also the title of the publication, where published, year and number of issue. Example - Vasiliev A. A. the Pazyryk culture / history, 1989, №3, p. 23-54.
Correctly make references to scientific literature in the text. Footnotes can be listed as the bottom of the page and at the end of the text. Importantly, in each reference indicate the page from which you took the quote.
Complete your table of contents. It should include all chapters and subchapters, introduction, conclusion, list of references, annexes (if any). It is best to make it automatic so that when you edit the text, all the contents had to be redone.
Complete your cover sheet. It should be the name of your school, your surname, name and patronymic, title of work, name and surname of scientific supervisor, place and year of defense work.
In accordance with the requirements of your educational institution, please attach your diploma to a folder or twist it in the centre of printing services.