When you register you must follow a strict document structure. The title page should indicate the name of the parent organization and the name of your institution; the name and type of work. At the bottom indicate the place and year of publication.
On the back of the title page enter the bibliographic data about the work here place the annotation. Below is the data on the consideration of the manuscript at the Commission meeting. If when listing participants you use data on title, academic degrees and positions, they should be aligned with existing rules of reduction.
Please note the following requirements for the design of the text. Margins and padding on all sides 2 cm page Numbers - in Arabic numerals located at the bottom of the page. The cover sheet will include in the numbering, but the number on it is not specified. For the font use size 12 or 14. Follow the red line and single line spacing, eliminate transfers. Make sure to align the text. The amount of work not less than 24 of the printing sheet. The majority – at least half of the manuscript.
The application must be located at the end numbered in Arabic numerals, order of mention in the text. Each application on a new page. Right at the top shouldwrite the word "Application". The volume of applications is not restricted, but they must comply with the content to be relevant. Don't forget about apps in the main part.
All the links you used to write methodical literature, designed in accordance with the Standards – they must be enclosed in square brackets: [1].
Illustrations are indicated by the word "figure" and numbered within the section. This figure should be a double figure number and section number: 1.1
The list of literature sources - 10 – 15 names. If the work is of a purely practical nature, the list of references may not lead.