A few words about terminology. References call information about the source data used in the thesis. Links are intratextual and subscript. And that subscript references are called footnotes. Footnotes are located at the bottom of the page and separated from the text by a short straight pipe (15 underscores on the left side).
The first reference to the work of any author should contain the name and initials of the author (if the work has two authors, you should indicate the names and initials of both, and, if more than two authors, after the name of the second need to put "etc."), full title of work, year of publication and number of pages used. If you make the footnote a monograph or a textbook, it should look like this: Ivanov I. I. General theory. M.: Publishing House, 1999. P. 14. Reference to an article is somewhat different: Ivanov I. I. the Theory: public and private// the name of the magazine. – 2005. – No. 33. – S. 14. But if you make a reference to a law or regulatory document, make it so: the Law of September 10, 2007 № 144 "On amendments to the law" // the Legislation of the Russian Federation. – 2010. – No. 48. – St. 348. If you are referencing an electronic source, use the abbreviation URL, and then specify the electronic source (URL: http://.....).
If the same page has multiple footnotes to the same source, it will be executed only the first note, and subsequently substituted the words "ibid" and the page number of the source to which you refer. The numbering of the footnotes should be uniform: end-to-end for the entire document or page.