Come up with a name that is easy to remember. It should not be more than two words, but the words themselves do not have to be complicated. For example, "Meat Ovchinnikov" - is not the best example. It's hard to remember, and so will not be a good advertisement of your products and on the contrary, can even alienate customers from your store.
Choosing the name, always keep in mind that this store will sell meat, not other products, and the name should display. To call the store "Blackberry store" - very nice and stylish, but hardly anyone would think to buy a sausage. Consider the target audience of the store, to do this, be sure to make an associative array with the word "meat", and then repelled from it in the process of composing names.
Don't forget that you found the name shall be different from all competing outlets. This is to ensure that your title was mentally connected the client with your product and cause the desire to buy your sausage and pork.
Go to the selection of the name with a sense of humor. Make buyers laugh — and you will interest them. In addition, in accordance with the first step, a funny name well remembered. For example, the store "piggy".
Be sure to find out all about existing names. Do not use titles protected by the patent, and patent, that no one afterwards they have not encroached on the uniqueness of the invented names.
To boost the success you invented the name, think of him a good advertising slogan, considering all you have done up to this steps. A good slogan will complement the name of your shop will advertise your products much better than a single name.
And most importantly, do not forget that despite the fact that a good name is half the battle, the second half will depend on the quality of products sold and service in your store.