You will need
  • License;
  • - permission to trade;
  • - registration in the tax as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • resolution of SES;
  • equipment;
  • - contract with suppliers;
  • - health book.
To sell meat in several ways: open your meat kiosk or to rent it, rent space in the store or in the city markets.
To open a kiosk, rent or lease point of sales in the store must have all equipment necessary for trading meat. The equipment includes: refrigerated and freezer counters, large refrigerator to store meat, set axes, and knives, cash register, scales, wooden chocks for cutting meat, washing the counter to pickup meat. You also need to buy for yourself and working personnel.
One should obtain a set of documents that allow trade in meat. Write an application to the licensing chamber, the statement in local administration. In the tax office need be registered as a individual entrepreneur, and when you open multiple outlets as a legal entity.
If you open your outlet, then you need the SES, representatives of fire protection. SES will issue a permit if the outlet will have two rooms at least 6 m, water supply and Sewerage.
All your employees (and you) are bound to have sanitary book and every 6 months to renew a work permit with the products.
Next you need to negotiate with reliable suppliers on the delivery of fresh and quality meat. If at least once the meat is poor quality or stale, you will lose customers. Meat should be supplied with stamps, with certificates of conformity.
If you are going to sell meat in the city markets, you need to rent outlets, refrigerators, vending equipment. All documents are the same as when trading in the halls or rented stores, in addition to the conclusion of SES on the outlet and fire protection. This will take care of the administration of the market.