Make a list of the products for sale. If the name to reflect something good to eat, hungry, sweet tooth, hurrying from work, will not pass by the store. But immediately pick up a good component for signs may fail, so turn in a list of everything sold in the store. Write the names of commodity groups and not the names of the products themselves: "candy", not "Squirrel" or "Burevestnik".
Redo product names into adjectives. This work is better conducted in electronic form, because lists you can print out and give to different people to select the best name. If the first column says "candy", next write the word "candy". So you can see the first successful versions.
Make a couple of product names. Browse through the list and find a good combination. For the word "candy" may be appropriate, the word "donuts". Get the option "donuts-candy". Try even ridiculous combinations — it is important to give the brain work. There will be new thoughts that should be written, not criticizing.
Describe the product names. For this, use additional adjectives. The word "candy", you can add the word "local" if the range of a lot of products made by local confectionery factory. Get the option "local candy".
Add the product names diminutive suffixes. From the word "candy" will appear with the options "candy", "chocolates", etc. don't abuse this opportunity, but some thought may be successful.
Connect the product names with the word "many". Of the word "candy" formed the version of "candy".
Browse through lists, highlight the most interesting points. Swipe with the staff to brainstorm in order to come to the final version of the store name.