Make a list of words associated with leadership, superiority, victory. You can find such words in the sports field. Try to find more words and phrases. Don't concentrate yet on this list, because it should not be used in pure form.
Think of words with the first letters of the names grown on the farm. The word "Abba" suggests that the farm supplies to buyers pineapples, bananas and oranges. Such words add to the list obtained at the 1st step.
Talk with city residents to find out what they have Association at the mention of the farm. Write down the words that they utter. Add these words to the General list.
Find out which cities and countries are breeding the same crops on the farm. You don't have to go to the encyclopedia. Just look at the products of competitors. Add to the list of popular buyers of city and country, where products.
Write down the words that indicate the delivery time of products from the farm. If supply buyers all year round, add to the list of relevant keyphrases. In the end, the list can consist of several tens of words. You are now ready to select a good name.
Get alone to avoid distractions. You will need the inspiration, and for this we need to focus on a current task, to dive into it.
Look at the list and try to stitch different words. Will receive unexpected ideas. Write them on a separate sheet of paper. Do not rush to take a break, even if it seems that the name was found. Continue until ideas have dried up.