Why meat eating in India is quite rare

The Indians believe that vegetarianism is the best diet, partly due to the fact that many types of meat is prohibited in Judaism, practiced by 80 % of the Indian population, partly because of the low incomes of the majority of citizens with average incomes.

Tourists who also are not able to buy food in expensive supermarkets, prefer to eat traditional food of Indians, consisting of rice, vegetables and fruits. Why? Despite the fact that India is a very poor country, which for tourists is a definite plus, and the products are cheap, unsanitary conditions, prevailing as on the streets and in inexpensive restaurants, is a major factor in the refusal of such cheapness.

For Indians unsanitary conditions during food preparation – business as usual, as they are fully accustomed to them, but tourists are able to shock. And often in such conditions sell and cook the meat.

What kind of meat can be found at Indian markets

Most popular in India chickens – they are killed in the market, giving the buyer plucked carcass. But chicken meat the local people of average means afford infrequently, only during the holidays.

Another common meat in India is lamb. Buy it about once a month, and then quite a bit. Usually the meat generously "flavored" the remnants of the chopped bones. It is believed that, in order to obtain a more or less good meat, you need to be in good relations with the butcher.

What kind of meat in India is prohibited

Meat of bovine animals in many States of India banned at the legislative level. And all because the cow by Hindus and followers of Zoroaster is a sacred and revered animal, the killing of which is punishable by law (you can even "ring out" in prison). However, beef in India still eat Muslims, Christians and Hindus of Kerala (South West state of India).

It is mostly affected by the impact of living in the country of the Muslims, who consider pork an unclean food.

Also in Judaism you cannot eat the following meats:
- the meat bats;
bear meat;
- almost all seafood except fish;
- dog meat;
amphibians and reptiles;
- the meat of the elephant.

From what we can infer: normally in India they eat chicken, mutton and sometimes beef.