To extend children's jeans , you can use inserts. To do this, carefully cut both legs, making sure that the length was 2-3 cm below the knee. Then you must prepare the insert. Its width should equal the width of your trousers and the height is determined by the size lengths. Pristrochite on the reverse side to the corresponding places of trousers prepared detail. On the front side the edges of the double decorative stitching.
To give children's jeans to the desired length using the new belt. Please note that it will be wider than the previous one. Old belt fight back, and new material take the strip that will have the same length. Its width can be from 10 to 18 cm, depending on dual or triple zone you are going to do. Leave the seam, stepping back from the bottom edge 1-1,5 cm Then stitch the side seam from the wrong side, fold wrong side to wrong side and pristrochite front side. Make a stitch to insert elastic and insert it into the drawstring. After that, the belt can be sew to the pants.
To change the length of the jeans, you can expend less effort: sew the bottom strip of fabric, lace or braid. Do not pick up fabric in the color of the pants. On the contrary, use bright colors, and the seam make maximum contrast. However, this method is suited more for girls.
Will help to increase the length of children's pants cuff buttoned. Take the cuff to the desired length, but do not sew it to the trousers, and decorate the edges with the eyelets and buttons.
If you need to lengthen the jeans by only 2-3 cm, then you can Unscrew the ACC at the bottom of the leg. Edge to edge with braid or simply handle double decorative line. The only disadvantage of this method – bands from the previous ACC. But you can get out of the situation, pristroju to the place of bending a piece of bright tape.