Visual correction of growth: behind the seams

To visually enhance the growth, pay attention to choose fit clothes. For example, you should choose blouses, dresses, cardigans with deep V-necks like on the chest and on the back. This cut will "pull" you, visually adding height.

Today is a very popular pants, shorts, skirts with high waist. It is ideal for petite beauties. This cut is great to lengthen the legs and you'll seem a little higher. Note: visually "lift" the waist will help worn over dresses/blouses Bolero.
The perfect kit for you – high tight skirt and blouse with V-neckline. Fill the top, emphasize the waist belt. Put on your heels and take a small bag.

With little growth, you should choose either long or very short clothes, straight-leg silhouette. Pay attention to Kylie Minogue or Eva Longoria: girls almost never wear dresses or mid-length breeches. Pants should end no higher than mid-heel, skirts to be below the ankles.

Low fashionistas, it is desirable to forget about the shapeless clothes, the sweaters, medium length. Shoes to choose at the heel. The best options for jeans model "skinny" or formfitting classic with a straight leg.

A few extra inches: color & accessories

Girls small stature stylists recommend to choose the clothes solely in a vertical strip. It is desirable that she was contrasting and noticeable. The classic option is white on a black background.

Also an excellent visual effect have prints vertically. This can be a floral pattern, an extruded drawing, fashion labels today. Resolutely refuse from large prints and clothing with a horizontal pattern.

Stylists do not recommend to girls of small stature wearing strongly contrasting top and bottom. Visually add inches most monochrome set. However, it is not necessary to choose only black clothes: turquoise, white, pale pink and other options look impressive and stylish. Dilute ensemble and make it more interesting, you can appropriate in tone accessories.
The remarkable effect of "lengthening" have a fashionable dress with horizontal contrast panels at the sides. These models fit a shape, have a length above the knee and noticeably slim.

With little growth do not be afraid to use accessories – they will help to visually pull the figure. Classic long beads or a chain. Also boldly wear the scarves, tying them right: the ends should fall along the body.

The best shoes for you are shoes and boots with heels. If possible, give up on the ballet shoes (or wear them only with a slinky, very short dress). If you want to wear a hat, its edges should be small. Prefer small bags and clutches to the big bag.