You will need
  • water;
  • Sol;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - ipecac;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • a syringe;
  • - mineral oil;
  • - apomorphine.
Open the dog's mouth and put it on the tongue a pinch of salt. Make sure that the animal didn't bite you for such treatment. The dog head tilt should not be. Salt irritates the taste buds, so vomiting will occur very quickly. If you have suspicions that eaten the item out fully, give the dog water and repeat the procedure.
гной в горле
Give the dog plenty of water (from five hundred grams to three liters depending on the weight of the animal). If there is potassium permanganate, you can make a weak solution (it should be pale pink) and pour the liquid into the mouth. Of course, the dog will not drink this amount yourself, so use a large syringe without a needle to pour the water into the mouth of your pet.
Buy at the pharmacy syrup of ipecac (gag root) and give the dog the rate of one teaspoon per five pounds of body weight.
что делать если собака сутки рвёт пеной
Mix two to three teaspoons of three-percent hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water and allow the animal to drink the solution. If this tool did not work the first time, after half an hour, repeat. Usually two or three glasses are enough to cause excessive vomiting.
у собаки запор от костей
If you have mineral oil, give the dog at least a half Cup, and vomiting will appear. Mineral oil is absorbed into the stomach wall, so that the owner may not worry about your pet, who took such a large dose.
как сделать клизму собаке в домашних условиях
Optimally, if you will always keep in the medicine Cabinet a remedy that causes vomiting. Especially if you know what's in your area like to sprinkle rat poison. As the emetic drug is suitable, for example, apomorphine.
After you have successfully caused vomiting, it's worth to show the animal to the vet, especially if your dog picked up on the street poison. In addition, solid objects can damage internal organs, than it is better to know in advance to prevent further problems.