You will need
  • mineral oil, a syringe without a needle, a small enema
Mineral oil is a very good weak cats, because it affects not only the intestinal wall, causing contractions, but also softens the stool. So if your pet goes to the toilet for several days, is lethargic, or sleepy look, and his abdomen is swollen or just slightly increased, it is better to use mineral oil. Calculate the dose with the veterinarian, since it can determine exactly the needs medication for your particular case and the correct dose for the weight of the cat. This task can be handled independently. For cats weighing about 5 kg 4-5 cubes of butter. If you are afraid, you can start with a smaller amount and focus on results. No harm mineral oil will not bring, because it is not absorbed into the intestinal wall, and has only a local effect.

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Give mineral oil should be in the morning. This is best done on an empty stomach, because after a meal your cat from this procedure may throw up. Single dose of 4-5 blocks, depending on the weight of the animal. Dial the oil in a syringe without a needle, slowly and very carefully pour the cat in the mouth. It is important to try to do it this way, not to get into language. Better pour the medicine little sideways to it immediately flowed into his throat. During the procedure the cat in any case should not lie. If by the evening the cat goes to the toilet, give him the drug again. As a rule, even with severe constipation, double dose is sufficient. If after that bowel movement will not occur the next day again repeat all manipulations.
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In severe constipation, mineral oil can be given in the form of an enema. In the normal or veterinary pharmacy buy the smallest enema. Of course, for the cat it will still be too big, but because the contact is short, a couple of times can bear. A lot of oil through an enema do not fill to the required effect was achieved, it is a really small amount of medicines.
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