Advice 1: How to give mineral oil to cats

Cats love to lick their coat and do it not only because they are very clean, but also to get rid of unnecessary odors, comb your hair and remove unnecessary during warm weather, the undercoat. All this, unfortunately, leads to the introduction of wool in the gastrointestinal tract and eventually to the disorder of digestion. If hair accumulates in the stomach, sick cat but clumps of wool in the intestine can be a cause of constipation and digestive disorders. In this case, you will help mineral oil. But how to give the cat?
How to give mineral oil to cats
You will need
  • mineral oil, a syringe without a needle, a small enema
Mineral oil is a very good weak cats, because it affects not only the intestinal wall, causing contractions, but also softens the stool. So if your pet goes to the toilet for several days, is lethargic, or sleepy look, and his abdomen is swollen or just slightly increased, it is better to use mineral oil. Calculate the dose with the veterinarian, since it can determine exactly the needs medication for your particular case and the correct dose for the weight of the cat. This task can be handled independently. For cats weighing about 5 kg 4-5 cubes of butter. If you are afraid, you can start with a smaller amount and focus on results. No harm mineral oil will not bring, because it is not absorbed into the intestinal wall, and has only a local effect.

Give mineral oil should be in the morning. This is best done on an empty stomach, because after a meal your cat from this procedure may throw up. Single dose of 4-5 blocks, depending on the weight of the animal. Dial the oil in a syringe without a needle, slowly and very carefully pour the cat in the mouth. It is important to try to do it this way, not to get into language. Better pour the medicine little sideways to it immediately flowed into his throat. During the procedure the cat in any case should not lie. If by the evening the cat goes to the toilet, give him the drug again. As a rule, even with severe constipation, double dose is sufficient. If after that bowel movement will not occur the next day again repeat all manipulations.
In severe constipation, mineral oil can be given in the form of an enema. In the normal or veterinary pharmacy buy the smallest enema. Of course, for the cat it will still be too big, but because the contact is short, a couple of times can bear. A lot of oil through an enema do not fill to the required effect was achieved, it is a really small amount of medicines.
If, despite all your manipulations, and the animal didn't poop for 5-7 days, consult a veterinarian. Perhaps in the digestive tract was hit by a foreign object, which causes constipation.
Useful advice
If you feed your pet natural food, constipation can happen more often so the mineral oil can be added to food in the as a preventive measure once a week.

Advice 2: What to do if a cat is sick

Nausea and vomiting are common in cats. It can occur if the animal eats quickly and in large quantities, due to the ingestion of wool and different herbs during pregnancy and when traveling in public transport. If your animal is vomiting occurs after each meal and after that pet looks ill, an urgent need to look for the cause of the problem.
What to do if a cat is sick

Causes a gag reaction in cats

The most common cause of vomiting in cats is common wool. This is due to the fact that every day they lick their fur, thereby purifying it. Therefore it is no surprise that the clumps of wool into the stomach of your pet and begin to irritate the digestive tract.
At the pet store to buy a tool for the prevention of hairball formation in the stomach and intestines of a cat. If you notice that your favorite often licks the fur, begin to give her this tool.

The following is the cause of vomiting in cats is based on eating speed of eating. It is seen most often in cases where the owners have two or more cats. The fact is that animals can compete with each other and eat as much food as possible, not only in his bowl, but in the next. In this case it is necessary to feed animals in separate rooms.

Natural cause of vomiting in cats is eating plants. Cats do it to specifically to cause a gag reaction, cleansing through vomiting your body.
It is also possible that the break between meals the animal is too big. In order not to overload the stomach of the cat, feed her more frequently but in small portions.

In addition, nausea and vomiting can cause a normal trip, because most cats are very quickly swayed in transport. To avoid this, you need to give up feeding before you leave and give a special medication for motion sickness. To purchase such a tool in veterinary pharmacy.

How would it sounds strange, but pregnancy can also cause a gag reaction. Typically, this occurs in the third week of "interesting situation" when the body of a cat undergoes various hormonal changes. But after a few days the vomiting passes.

The presence of worms also can cause nausea in cats. If that's the reason, an urgent need to go to the doctor-veterinarian. He will recommend a special medicine which will help your pet.

When nausea and vomiting in cats are a danger?

Remember that gag reaction may become dangerous for the animal. So you need to immediately consult a doctor in cases where:
the cat looks tired and lethargic after vomiting;
- vomit has blood or a foreign body;
cat vomit more than two times;
- gag reaction occurs regardless of the meal.

If you have any one of these symptoms in the near future bring your pet to the vet. The doctor should very accurately describe the condition of the animal. For example, how many times a day sick cat, smell, composition and color vomit, and good appetite in an animal, whether it is drinking water. In addition, you need to prepare all the documents about the diseases suffered by the cat, and made her vaccinations.

You need to always remember that life, health and well-being of the animal is largely dependent on the owner. And so it is important to pay careful attention to your pet.

Advice 3: What if food went down the wrong throat

If the person choked on food, it is quite dangerous condition that may lead to irreparable consequences. It is important to know what to do if you choked yourself, and how to assist in this situation their loved ones.
What if food went down the wrong throat

Food caught in airway: your actions

Dyspnea, which occurs in such cases may entail loss of consciousness. And when a person is lost and does not regain consciousness within a few minutes, the blood can do to stop the brain and occur death. When injected into the throat of a small piece of food, the victim usually clears throat himself, without assistance. Remember that coughing is a normal reaction by which our body tries to expel the foreign object from the trachea.

If you choke, take a slow breath, simultaneously straightening and then exhale vigorously, bending in the waist. So it will be easier to cough. Not to knock on the back of him who choked on a piece lodged in her throat, hitting even deeper and completely block the airway. But if after 2-3 minutes the person is still unable to cough or large piece of food is completely cut off his breathing, first aid in this situation is necessary.

The Technique Of The Heimlich Maneuver

To understand that there is an immediate threat to life, on a person's appearance: strong red or blue face, convulsive attempts to breathe. In such circumstances, you need to call an ambulance and use the technique of the Heimlich maneuver, named after who discovered his doctor of medicine from the United States.

Sequence of actions:
Approach to choking on the man from behind and encircle his torso.

Hand compressed in a fist, pressed against the abdomen of the victim (in the area between the ribs and the navel) from the side where the thumb.

Second hand to put on top of the fist and a sharp push in the direction to the diaphragm to push it into the stomach.

With elbows bent vigorously, trying not to compress the victim in the chest.

In case of need, the procedure can be repeated several times, until breathing finally restored.

If the person is unconscious:
To lay the victim on a horizontal surface face up and sit astride it in the hips.

To lay their hands on one another and place them on the man's belly, just below the solar plexus.

Dramatically to put pressure on the abdomen toward the diaphragm, pushing it all the body.

If necessary, repeat several times.

If food went down the wrong throat, and then the victim came to, but shortness of breath and cough persists, you may need to enlist the help of a doctor: possible foreign body remains in the trachea.
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