Advice 1: What if the cat choked

Most owners of dogs and cats refer to their Pets as if they were foolish children, and very scared, when the animal, for example, choking on something. In fact, it can actually be very dangerous to health and even life of a cat.
What if the cat choked
Temperament of different animals as well as humans. An example of this can be cats and cats. Even in how these animals eat, you can judge how their excitable nervous system: more active and restless cats usually swallow the food like it had seriously hungry, and all this despite the fact that since the last meal could not walk more than a few hours. Accordingly, in such animals there is a high risk of choking while eating.

How to understand that the cat is choking?

First, you need to clarify what exactly is meant by the word "choked" means that in the throat or esophagus of a cat stuck foreign body. Most often these animals choke on food or hair that enters the mouth and digestive tract of a cat at the time, when he licked. Even more dangerous are cases when at the throat, the esophagus or the stomach gets a sharp bone or, for example, a needle. The fact that cats are on the surface of their language special rigid fibers that do not allow these Pets to spit out what was already in my mouth. It is for this reason cats sometimes eat seemingly inedible things.

If the animal is choked to death, he having never-ending and only growing with the urge to vomit, which cannot be confused with the common cough. If they remain unsuccessful, and the cat could not swallow – no food or water or your own saliva, then with high probability we can say that your pet is truly choking and foreign body irritates its delicate pharynx and esophagus. In this case, we must act immediately.

The cat is choking – how to help him?

If you are sure that your pet is choking it was food or wool, that is, not any hard object with sharp edges that can damage the inside of the animal, then you can try to fix the situation on their own. Try using a syringe without a needle to pour into his mouth a few milligrams of paraffin oil, and after some time, turn the animal upside down and gently shake. The oil will lubricate the digestive tract of your cat, and the foreign body will slip from it.

If you see that the cat asphyxiation occurs, the tongue and mucous membranes of the animal acquires a cyanotic hue, and it's hard for him to breathe – it suggests that a foreign body blocks the normal airway. Urgently take the cat to the vet, because it could literally take minutes. Will not be able to do without the qualified medical aid in the case, if the cat has swallowed something that can damage organs of the digestive tract, and also in that case, if your attempts to help the animal did not succeed.

Advice 2: What if the cat is not eating

Pets react differently to the change of environment, diet, time of year etcwhich can become sluggish or too active, aggressive or affectionate. But if the cat doesn't eat for no apparent reason for a long time, it can be a symptom of a serious disease.
What if the cat is not eating
Healthy cat features lights in the eyes, shiny coat and good appetite. Cause for concern may be the fact that the cat refuses to eat for 24 hours or more. Similar behavior of the pet often indicates the development of diseases such as:• Viral infection, protoplay smell and taste receptors of the cat.• Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.• The presence in the stomach of a pet foreign body. His presence is evidenced by the constant vomiting and simultaneous with constipation.• Internal bleeding caused by a traffic accident or fall from a great height.• Renal failure.• Cancer.• Inflammation of internal organs.• Diseases of the blood and urinary system.To avoid complications, the cat should be seen by a veterinarian. Carefully follow all recommendations of a specialist, and then your pet will go faster on the amendment.But not always, the refusal to eat is a cause of serious health disorders of your pet. Loss of appetite in the cat (anorexia) may be due to stress caused by a visit to the veterinary hospital, the arrival of a large group of friends or harassment from the other resident of the apartment (dogs). In this case, the cat chooses fasting as a protest.How to return the appetite Cotacachi situation when the cat refuses to eat, are temporary. To return the appetite will help the proper care and attention of the owner. Most try to change the food in the bowl for the pet, diversify it. Cats are finicky and will not eat the same dish for a long time.The pet should be comfortable in the room. If he is confused by the noise and bustle that accompanies the arrival of the guests, then transfer at the time of his bowl in a quiet place. There he will be able to calm down and eat.
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