Why kitten tears?

смекта дозировка для котят

If the kitten has vomited, no need to panic and rush to the veterinary clinic. Maybe the kid just ate too much and stomach back extra. Examine the vomit for the presence of foreign non-edible items or wool. Their ingestion could cause vomiting. The kitten could eat grass.

Как рассчитать порцию еды для кота

The kitten may throw up after eating, if he ate very quickly and not chewing food. If the pet vomits from time to time, change your diet. It is possible that this food does not suit him. The cause of the vomiting may also be a sharp change of power.

что делать с котом в доме

If vomiting was a disposable character, and the kitten does not have a fever, he is playful and shows interest in food, is to watch him and to treat yourself.

у кота заложен нос что делать

Day do not feed the animal. Otpaivala him small amounts of water with a few drops of solution "Regidron" after a short period of time. Let the kitten nursery "Smectite". You can give antispasmodic "But-shpa" antiemetic drug "Reglan". If the vomiting returned, and the kitten has become worse, consult your veterinarian.

кот чихает из носа темные выделения

Causes of vomiting in kittens can be more serious. Vomiting may appear at 4-5 days after you have given your pet an anthelmintic drug. This suggests that the animal has a lot of worms, when death has allocated a lot of toxins, which in turn was poisoning that caused vomiting. In this case, repeated deworming is necessary.

Vomiting can be an indicator of the presence of your pet such diseases: chronic gastritis, obstruction of the pylorus of the stomach, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pancreatitis, peritonitis, liver disease (holangiogepatit), swelling (stomach, pancreas), intestinal obstruction (partial or complete, caused by a foreign body), disease of the colon.

It is not necessary to self-medicate when the kitten is lethargic, refuses to eat, he had frequent vomiting, diarrhea, elevated temperature, vomiting there is blood. Urgent need to go to the vet. The doctor will do an exam and prescribe treatment.

Prevention of vomiting

Some types of vomiting can be prevented. For this it is necessary to conduct deworming of the animal every 3 months; time to vaccinate against infectious diseases; regularly comb pet; to ensure that the kitten was a balanced diet; to close access to the bin, Christmas tinsel, indoor plants. It is also necessary once a year as prevention to show pet veterinarian.