In Windows Vista and Windows 7 start how to change permissions with right click of the mouse on the background picture desktop free from shortcuts. The OS will show a context menu in which the desired item ("screen Resolution") - click it. Window opens settings screen to accommodate the words "Permission" and click the drop-down list next to it. Click this button and you will get access to the slider by moving which the left button of the mouse need to choose one of the options the screen resolution. Since the matrix monitor is made counting on a certain resolution, and all the rest are "non-native", one of the markers on the slider marked with the inscription "Recommended".
In Windows XP, after click background pictures your desktop right-click you will not find in the context menu of "screen Resolution". But here is the paragraph on "Properties" - select it. Window opens the display settings of several tabs among which you need to select the "Settings"tab.
Look for the slider, which is used to select the screen resolution option in the lower left corner of this tab. Install with it the desired value and click "Apply". It will provide you the opportunity to evaluate the selected option, changing for a short period (15 seconds) resolution. In this case, the screen will present a dialog box with a timer and two buttons. If you select the option to change the scale this way you need, press the "Yes" button while the timer is not reset to zero. If the new scale will be inappropriate for you, just wait for the countdown timer, and the OS will cancel the change permission. Using this mechanism, you must choose the most optimal scale of elements of the Windows graphical interface.
If the list of resolution options consists of only two or three values, then it is an indication that the operating system uses the "basic" video driver. You need to install the driver that matches the version installed in computer graphics.