Today there are two methods that allow the user to reduce the size displayed on the monitor of the image – size reduction through the interface card and decrease through the standard functions of a personal computer. Consider each method in more detail.
Reducing the size of the screen through the interface card. If you have installed the computer needs to run graphics card software and driver, you can reduce the size of the screen in the following way. Look on the taskbar icon, which will be responsible for configuring the settings of the graphics card. Clicking on this icon, in the menu go to "screen Resolution". Dragging the slider settings up and down, to determine the most optimal display mode of the screen. After saving the settings, the unused area of the desktop will be filled with black colour. To adjust to the full display, every one to two weeks increase the screen resolution.
Reducing the size of the screen using the standard functions of the computer. To reduce the screen in a similar way, on the desktop click on a blank area, right-click and select "Properties" (or "screen Resolution" – Windows 7). In the properties locate the item responsible for the scaling of the desktop and set the optimal parameters. Save the settings. For a more comfortable adaptation to a full-screen display mode, once every two weeks increase the screen resolution.