Open the window "Properties: the Screen". To do this, select one of the ways listed below. From the start menu, go to "control Panel", select "appearance and themes" and click "Screen" and run the task "Change screen resolution". Another option: click in any empty space on the desktop right click, in the drop-down menu, select "Properties", clicking on it with any mouse button.
In the dialog that appears, navigate to the "Settings" tab, under "screen Resolution", set using "sliders" to the resolution you want. The movement of the slider to the right allows you to zoom the image on the monitor, the movement to the left increases it. Click "Apply" to make the configuration take effect. Estimate the result within a few seconds. If you're satisfied, confirm the variation of parameters.
If the icons on the desktop look too big, go to the tab "appearance". Click "Effects" and remove the marker in margin next to the line "Use large icons". Click OK in the window "Effects". To set the icon size to your liking, use the "Advanced" button. In the drop-down list select "Icon" and put in a box next to its value. Click "Apply". Close the window by clicking on the OK button or the X in the upper right corner of the window.
If you want to reduce the icons in the start menu, open the Properties window of the taskbar and start menu". To do this, from the start menu, open "control Panel", under "appearance and themes" select the icon "taskbar and start menu". For the same purpose click the right mouse button on any blank area of the task pane, from the drop-down menu, select "Properties" or press Alt and Enter.
Click on the "start Menu", click "Configure". In the dialog, set the marker in the "Small icons" under "icon Size for programs". Click OK to close the settings window and click "Apply" in the properties window. Close the properties window by clicking the OK button or the x icon in the upper corner of the window.