You will need
  • Computer.
To date, there are two ways using which you will be able to ask for the screen of the monitor the most optimal resolution. For the first method responds to the client interface card. The second method involves the resolution setting of the desktop through the properties screen. Each of the methods are rather simple to implement and does not require any special skills to operate the computer. Should discuss each option in detail.
The first way is to reduce the size of the screen using the agent interface of the graphics card. We should immediately draw the user's attention at the time that the computer should have installed a set of necessary graphics drivers. Otherwise, the device agent will not be available. If you have installed any driver, you can start working with an agent card, which can be run from the system tray.
Hover the mouse cursor on the icon of the graphics card. This icon resides in the system tray and is displayed in the form of a logo of the device manufacturer. Click on this icon with the right mouse button. In the appeared panel select the option "enable screen". Now you need to put the maximum possible resolution – the higher this parameter is, the smaller will be the graphical elements displayed on your desktop.
Changing the resolution through properties of the screen. This method is suitable for you in that situation, if you can't find in the system tray of the agent card. To invoke the properties screen, click on the desktop, right-click. You need to click on the blank area. A form opens in which you need to set the "Properties" command. You will see a window with multiple tabs. To zoom out of the screen, click the Options tab and set the resolution slider to the maximum position. Save your changes. Graphics on your desktop will decrease in size.