You will need
    • offal;
    • water;
    • salt.
Because tripe has a very pungent smell of entrails of the animal, before cooking her meals, you need to remove it a special treatment. If you use the tripe you just skinned an animal, clean it from the remnants of the stomach contents. Wash thoroughly under running water. Then cut the tripe into small pieces for the convenience of further work.
Boil the tripe with boiling water, then you can easily scrape off the surface layer with a knife. Take a piece of tripe and put it on a wooden Board. With one hand firmly hold, and the other with a knife, scrape the dirty layer.
Cleaned tripe rinse with cold water. He needs to buy a white or slightly yellowish color. In this form it and sell in the markets. But cook him meals early, as the odor is still present. Therefore, it is necessary to expose the scar to the secondary treatment.
Pour into a deep bowl of water, sprinkle salt at the rate of 3 tablespoons per liter of water. Put in brine tripe for 3 hours. The water will darken and should be drained and repeat the procedure another two times. Typically after this treatment, the odor should disappear.
If the tripe still smells, then you can further it to soak in a solution of salt and vinegar. The concentration of the solution make in its sole discretion. After the tripe you lie down in it for 2-3 hours, then remove, rinse and put in a cooking process.
In the case when the smell is so persistent that it does not help, you need to apply the hot treatment. To do this, put the tripe in salted water and cook 20 minutes after boiling. After that, drain the water, rinse the tripe in running water and again bring to a boil. After three repetitions of this treatment, the smell completely disappears.