You will need
  • - pork tongue;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - cold water.
Before cooking the pork the usual language it is better to soak in water. In raw form it is almost impossible to remove skin, just cut. This is an option for those who are in a hurry and wants to get rid of the skins beforehand. But along with the skin you cut off, and a decent amount of delicious meat.
The best method – after cooking, remove the tongue from hot water, dip in a bowl of cold water for a few seconds, but not to its full cooling and does not burn the hands, and under a stream of cool water, gently remove the skin by prying up at the base of the tongueand a knife. The skin easily comes off when the language it is hot, the water is cold. Then you can still cook it for a while.
If you bake the tongue in the foil or in the package, clean it after fully cooking the product. After baking, cool slightly language, and then remove the skin. It will be pretty easy to clean.
With smoked pork tongueand rind removed even easier, pry at the base of the skin and pull it, removing the stocking.
If the skin is badly scraped, I languagee longitudinal shallow cuts and remove the skin piece by piece. Bad remove the skin indicates that language has not yet quite failed.