According to statistics, almost every adult has ever experienced discomfort in the liver area. However, few know about the healing properties of a simple beet, which is rightly called "the cleaner to the liver."

Despite its availability and low cost, beetroot is a real treasure trove of useful vitamins. It contains large amounts of iron and zinc than can not boast the majority of other vegetables. In addition, the beet is cobalt, iodine and many other valuable substances. Betaine, contained in large amounts in beet roots, improves the absorption of protein and promotes the acceleration of metabolism. In addition, the food can be eaten not only raw beets but cooked. Beet leaves also contain a lot of nutrients, but eat should be only the young shoots.

To prepare a decoction for clearing the liver, you will need one beet small size. You can use several small, but the fruit is of large size should be avoided. Thoroughly wash the vegetable and then place it in a pan, Bay liter of water. Measure or note the level of water in a saucepan and pour two liters of water. Boil the water and wait until, until it boils away to the marked standard. Remove the beetroot, grate it on grater and submerge back into the water, which was boiled beets. After this, the resulting mass should again bring to a boil and cook for about another half hour. Strain the broth and let it cool, then the product can be taken in food.

It should be noted that this method is the most gentle option for cleaning the liver. This broth not only cleanses the liver but also has a diuretic effect, helping to reduce swelling of the face. Moreover, it can be taken for cleaning the body. Proven beneficial properties in the treatment of chronic constipation, tonsillitis, nervous stress and insomnia.

Don't forget that everything is good in moderation, so if the liver cleanse beet broth, it is important to follow the dosage. To drink cooked broth at a time is not recommended. It should be taken in small portions, preferably just before a meal. Not worth it this way to cleanse the liver suffering from diarrhoea, people with low blood pressure and patients with diabetes. It will be useful to consult your physician before taking this decoction.