Hold the sausage a minute or two under cold running water. Not only that, the skin will easily come down, the sausage is smooth and finely cut.
Scald the sausages in boiling water. Quickly wipe clean with a dry cloth. Then the skin probably will come down easily and completely.
Dry-cured sausage with boiling water better than watering. The skin on a sausage can be removed, if you put her in front of this for 30 minutes in the freezer.
If the shell with the sausage still not removed, soak the meat product is slightly over the steam. Then with a sharp knife with the strength to scrape the skin.
The skin is well cleaned off with sliced sausage. Because thin slices is easier to remove the cover than with a stick.
Sometimes the sausage and you can not clean. If it is in a natural casing, the manufacturer does not expect that it will be to remove edible skins. Just rinse it under water and wipe with a towel.