Advice 1: How to increase the breast hormones

Women often face a situation where in whatever was required to increase the size of the breast. However, many of them would wish to do without surgical intervention. How to increase breast with the help of hormones responsible for breast growth?
How to increase the breast hormones
Make an appointment with an endocrinologist, mammologist and gynecologist. Pass examination. Only joint actions of these doctors will help you to avoid further undesirable complications associated with the hormonal drugs.
Make sure that you follow all the recommendations of doctors. Carefully read the instructions for the use of drugs, check all side effects and contraindications, constantly monitor your hormone status. Remember that the chest stores purchased sizes only for as long as you use hormonal supplements and drugs to increase.
Purchase creams, ointments and pills that increase breast. It is desirable that it was not "pure" hormones and the so-called "plant hormones", the funds in whose composition contains extracts of plants, the effects of which are similar to the effects of estrogen on a woman's body (as exotic Pueraria Mirifica, which grows in Indochina and hops).
Use bust creams for increasing breast. Apply a little cream on each breast and RUB it in a circular motion into skin, avoiding the nipple, from the base of the breast to the outer and then the inner side for 5-7 minutes on each side. This procedure is carried out 2 times a day. This massage will increase the chest, and contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the Breasts and adjust the shape of the bust. Don't expect instant results: improvement of the breast comes about a month after the start of the bust cream.
Take pills containing hormones or drugs that increase estrogen in the body (bust capsules) every 4 hours, but not more than 4 times a day. Rethink your diet, eat less sweets and flour, in order not to cause side effects on the body insulin, which contributes to production of testosterone, the "male hormone". Limit the consumption of protein foods (especially meat). The first results you will notice 4-6 weeks after you start taking tablets or bust capsules.
Try to increase the Breasts without drugs, stimulating increased levels of prolactin in the body, using herbal teas, is usually recommended doctors nursing mothers, and massaging the Breasts several times a day the same as if you used a special cream.
Try to increase the level of somatropin without the use of drugs. Get plenty of sleep, eat lots of sweet, fat and flour and meat, follow the regime of the day.

Advice 2: Recommendations for increasing growth

Some people have complex about their height and try every possible way to increase it. Someone thinks that this is impossible, but not so! Of course, be much higher is impossible, but to add to his height a couple of inches possible, and not visually and physically.
Recommendations for increasing growth


What can prevent to grow

As mentioned earlier, growth can be increased, but there are some nuances that can prevent you to do this:

  1. The age of 25;
  2. Restrictions on physical activity and back problems. In this case, try to increase growth is possible only under strict medical supervision.

What affects the height of a man

On growth, and any other action that occurs with the body, is influenced not only by internal factors, such as genetics, but external. Based on this, we can draw the following conclusion: in the absence of any abnormalities of growth is considered to be a natural reaction. In other words, the body grows as much as it sees fit. So small enough to function normally in those external conditions that exist. Therefore, in order to increase your height, you need to create the most comfortable conditions due to which it starts to increase.

The causes that affect human height:

  • First of all we should say about the food, as it is almost the most important factor in increasing growth. In order for your body to function properly, you need to provide it with all necessary nutrients, namely phosphorus, iron, calcium and proteins.
  • Certainly strange to see in this list muscle, but they help to remove the spine the extra load and, thereby, to facilitate the growth and development of the whole organism.
  • The growth also influenced by the flexibility of the person.
  • In the presence of bad habits to increase the growth will be very difficult. If you really want to be a little bit higher, you have to give them up forever.

Based on the above, I think it is easy to understand what is required to implement the recommendations. Please note that the home only contribute to increase growth, that is to give your body a boost. Any more complex procedures should be done only with the permission and under the strict supervision of a specialist.

How to increase growth

So, in order to contribute to increased growth, you need to act certainly complex. First and foremost, pay attention to nutrition.


Nutrition for growth plays a very important role, therefore the metabolic processes and digestion processes should be given due attention. Balance your daily diet and add to it the foods containing calcium and iron: yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, apples. Also, do not deprive attention products that includes phosphorus. Don't forget that in order to become higher, you need to take vitamins.

Physical activity

Excessive load on the spine negatively affects growth, it is especially important to follow this in childhood. In no case do not give your child the section of weightlifting or acrobatics. The increased growth helps the swimming, in addition, it reduces the strain on the back that facilitates the process of growth and development. Also pay attention to the jump. By performing this simple action, you irritate the area of bone growth, which positively affects the growth. Do not be lazy to do the leg swings.


You need to give the correct load to the spine and feet, and muscles. For this you will need a pull-up bar. Perform daily the following exercises:

  • vis;
  • pinning his legs to each other, they perform circular movements in vis;
  • raising the knees towards the chest;
  • vis with weights up to 10 pounds, better to start no more than 1-2 kg.

It is also important to stretch the pelvic muscles. To do all sorts of bending while sitting. Another good exercise for increasing growth: standing straight, place your feet together and arms down along the body to align. From this position try to stretch the whole body up, not get up at the same time on the socks.


The ideal option to end physical activity is a massage performed by a professional in this case. After this procedure, not only will you feel good, but also help your body to increase growth. This method is effective even for those over 25.


It turns out that the hardening contributes to not only strengthen the immune system, and increase growth. To become tempered, take the morning douche or wipe with cold towel.

Healthy sleep

It is very important to give your body proper rest. Everyday you need to sleep at least 7-9 hours and go to bed preferably before 22.00. So you need to do, because in this period begins active secretion of the growth hormone. In addition, the body more rest and he will be force for further growth and development.

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