Advice 1: How to increase the breast hormones

Women often face a situation where in whatever was required to increase the size of the breast. However, many of them would wish to do without surgical intervention. How to increase breast with the help of hormones responsible for breast growth?
How to increase the breast hormones
Make an appointment with an endocrinologist, mammologist and gynecologist. Pass examination. Only joint actions of these doctors will help you to avoid further undesirable complications associated with the hormonal drugs.
Make sure that you follow all the recommendations of doctors. Carefully read the instructions for the use of drugs, check all side effects and contraindications, constantly monitor your hormone status. Remember that the chest stores purchased sizes only for as long as you use hormonal supplements and drugs to increase.
Purchase creams, ointments and pills that increase breast. It is desirable that it was not "pure" hormones and the so-called "plant hormones", the funds in whose composition contains extracts of plants, the effects of which are similar to the effects of estrogen on a woman's body (as exotic Pueraria Mirifica, which grows in Indochina and hops).
Use bust creams for increasing breast. Apply a little cream on each breast and RUB it in a circular motion into skin, avoiding the nipple, from the base of the breast to the outer and then the inner side for 5-7 minutes on each side. This procedure is carried out 2 times a day. This massage will increase the chest, and contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the Breasts and adjust the shape of the bust. Don't expect instant results: improvement of the breast comes about a month after the start of the bust cream.
Take pills containing hormones or drugs that increase estrogen in the body (bust capsules) every 4 hours, but not more than 4 times a day. Rethink your diet, eat less sweets and flour, in order not to cause side effects on the body insulin, which contributes to production of testosterone, the "male hormone". Limit the consumption of protein foods (especially meat). The first results you will notice 4-6 weeks after you start taking tablets or bust capsules.
Try to increase the Breasts without drugs, stimulating increased levels of prolactin in the body, using herbal teas, is usually recommended doctors nursing mothers, and massaging the Breasts several times a day the same as if you used a special cream.
Try to increase the level of somatropin without the use of drugs. Get plenty of sleep, eat lots of sweet, fat and flour and meat, follow the regime of the day.

Advice 2: How to increase male hormones

Low level of testosterone affects the well-being of men, the metabolic processes in the organism (which affects appearance), changes the ratio of muscle and fat mass and even reduces mental ability. Why is the level of the male hormone decreases and how to deal with it?
How to increase male hormones
Usually, low testosterone is a consequence of the sedentary, inactive lifestyle, abuse of Smoking and alcohol, malnutrition, chronic fatigue.

Adjust feeding. In addition to eating the following foods, try to eat regularly, preferring hot and liquid food.

Useful products for men: lean meat, fish, eggs, seafood, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, ginger, garlic.

Don't dismiss vitamins and supplements, but first consult your doctor.
Try to pay more attention to healthy sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation negatively affects the body negatively affects the cardio-vascular system, lowers the General tone and testosterone in particular. Try to distribute things throughout the day so that at night you rested.
In nature there are plants that increase the production of testosterone. These include Golden root, eleuterokokk, leuzea carthamoides. Drink herbal teas or infusions based on them.
If no time to exercise at the gym, try to at least once a week to use the pool. If you can – run in the morning, more walking. However, physical exercise with the load are considered the most effective way to increase testosterone.
Lowering the male hormone is happening for several reasons, and it should also comprehensive. Men, as a rule, bypass the doctors for miles, but remember that your health is still health and well-being of your family. The ineffectiveness of the methods described above refer to a specialist.
Useful advice
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, in Greek – "make strong." The normal levels of the hormone in the blood of men — 0,5—0,6 mg/100 ml. Per day in the body of a Mature man must produce about 15 mg of testosterone.

Advice 3: How to enlarge breast in a month

Some girls are unhappy with the size of their Breasts and wish to increase it. This does not necessarily resort to surgery or special therapy. Enough to perform certain physical exercises and to follow diet to achieve visible results in just a month.
How to enlarge breast in a month
Do stretching on my toes every morning. Stretch as high as possible while straightening your back and chest. When you do this, inhale deeply, then exhale, down on the heels and relaxing the body. Follow a few of these try, continuing to breathe deeply. So you will be able to straighten the chest, which often becomes narrow from sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
Every 2-3 days follow a special way of the squats, hold your hands behind your head or with a barbell on your shoulders (weight set optional). Take a deep breath and two full repetition of the exercise, then exhale. Deep breath, make two squat, then exhale. Do 8-10 reps of 3-5 sets. This exercise will also help to expand the chest. Even a month of workouts like that you will notice the result.
Do pushups or bench press with light weight. These exercises will strengthen chest muscles, making Breasts will stand out more. In addition, due to the physical exertion, the blood will circulate through the vessels of the body more active, which will provide the necessary influx of nutrients to the mammary. Perform 6 to 10 repetitions in 3 sets.
Take daily douches. First rinse in warm water, then gradually take her temperature, making it more cool. Such hardening is very beneficial effect on the shape of breast, make it firm and taut.
Watch your diet. Remember that strict diet will burn fat throughout the body, including the mammary gland. However, you can eat in a sparing mode, while not having an adverse effect on breast size. Eat more protein foods so that the body becomes more toned and fit. Particularly useful is the chicken breast, which contains easily digestible protein, contributing to a marked increase in a breast for 2-4 weeks. Also at least once a week eat legumes, which make the Breasts firmer and her skin smooth.
Include in the diet foods containing vegetable fats: nuts, olives and olive oil, peas, soy. Vegetables pay special attention to the tomatoes and cabbage. It is believed that they contain a small dose of phytoestrogen – an analogue of the female hormone, due to which the breast becomes rounded. All this will give visible results in one month.

Advice 4: What cream can increase breast

To enhance the Breasts, women dissatisfied with the size of their own bust, have resorted to various tricks, the most simple and safe of which is wearing special underwear, and the most radical plastic surgery. However, not everyone has the courage to appeal to surgeons, and only creates the effect of magnificent forms, not increasing the chest. Therefore, a variety of cosmetic products that promise to add to the bust size-the other, becoming more and more popular, just have to make a choice.
What cream can increase breast

What creams help enlarge Breasts?

Is the many creams and gels promises noticeable breast enlargement, but in fact, these funds have only pull-up effect or increase blood circulation in the area of application, whereby the chest is slightly raised, the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, becomes more healthy and well-groomed appearance. In breast tissue means a noticeable effect has not, Breasts begin to grow. The action of such creams is very short, but the desired effect is achieved for several applications.
There are tools that are able to influence the synthesis of fat, they do increase Breasts, make its contours more attractive and rounded. Most often in their part of volufiline – extract of Asian Gardenia.

The most effective creams, the main active ingredient of which are phytoestrogens – plant components with properties similar to female hormones. The funds – a real salvation for women in the body which lowered the natural level of estrogen. Phytoestrogens stimulate breast growth and improve condition of the skin. As a rule, the composition of these funds includes extracts of hops or Pueraria (tropical legumes).

To buy creams for breast augmentation better in pharmacies or in specialized stores – the only way to guarantee the quality control of the funds, in particular, the concentration of active substances. Products manufacturers questionable at best ineffective, at worst harmful to health.


Even the best cream won't make the first size the fourth – that it can only be plastic surgery. Usually manufacturers promise to increase breast volume by a few centimeters on one size, very rarely – two.

Do not expect a rapid effect – the effect of the cream becomes noticeable for at least two months. On average, to achieve the goal requires 3-4 months. This requires daily application of the cream – smeared Breasts from case to case and wait for the usual bra finally become small, meaningless.
The effect lasts only as long as the woman uses them regularly. Termination of application entails a quick return Breasts to their original state.

Apply creams with phytoestrogens is not recommended for young girls, puberty is still to be completed finally, and nulliparous young women to avoid violation of the hormonal balance. In extreme cases, we recommend consultation with a mammologist.

Creams with phytoestrogens or stimulators of the synthesis of adipose tissue have a high cost. If you consider that to achieve the effect required prolonged or regular use, or a combination of the cream with other products from the same series – serums, gels, ointments, designed to accelerate the increase of the bust – the total cost may be compared with the cost of plastic surgery.

Advice 5: Recommendations for increasing growth

Some people have complex about their height and try every possible way to increase it. Someone thinks that this is impossible, but not so! Of course, be much higher is impossible, but to add to his height a couple of inches possible, and not visually and physically.
Recommendations for increasing growth


What can prevent to grow

As mentioned earlier, growth can be increased, but there are some nuances that can prevent you to do this:

  1. The age of 25;
  2. Restrictions on physical activity and back problems. In this case, try to increase growth is possible only under strict medical supervision.

What affects the height of a man

On growth, and any other action that occurs with the body, is influenced not only by internal factors, such as genetics, but external. Based on this, we can draw the following conclusion: in the absence of any abnormalities of growth is considered to be a natural reaction. In other words, the body grows as much as it sees fit. So small enough to function normally in those external conditions that exist. Therefore, in order to increase your height, you need to create the most comfortable conditions due to which it starts to increase.

The causes that affect human height:

  • First of all we should say about the food, as it is almost the most important factor in increasing growth. In order for your body to function properly, you need to provide it with all necessary nutrients, namely phosphorus, iron, calcium and proteins.
  • Certainly strange to see in this list muscle, but they help to remove the spine the extra load and, thereby, to facilitate the growth and development of the whole organism.
  • The growth also influenced by the flexibility of the person.
  • In the presence of bad habits to increase the growth will be very difficult. If you really want to be a little bit higher, you have to give them up forever.

Based on the above, I think it is easy to understand what is required to implement the recommendations. Please note that the home only contribute to increase growth, that is to give your body a boost. Any more complex procedures should be done only with the permission and under the strict supervision of a specialist.

How to increase growth

So, in order to contribute to increased growth, you need to act certainly complex. First and foremost, pay attention to nutrition.


Nutrition for growth plays a very important role, therefore the metabolic processes and digestion processes should be given due attention. Balance your daily diet and add to it the foods containing calcium and iron: yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, apples. Also, do not deprive attention products that includes phosphorus. Don't forget that in order to become higher, you need to take vitamins.

Physical activity

Excessive load on the spine negatively affects growth, it is especially important to follow this in childhood. In no case do not give your child the section of weightlifting or acrobatics. The increased growth helps the swimming, in addition, it reduces the strain on the back that facilitates the process of growth and development. Also pay attention to the jump. By performing this simple action, you irritate the area of bone growth, which positively affects the growth. Do not be lazy to do the leg swings.


You need to give the correct load to the spine and feet, and muscles. For this you will need a pull-up bar. Perform daily the following exercises:

  • vis;
  • pinning his legs to each other, they perform circular movements in vis;
  • raising the knees towards the chest;
  • vis with weights up to 10 pounds, better to start no more than 1-2 kg.

It is also important to stretch the pelvic muscles. To do all sorts of bending while sitting. Another good exercise for increasing growth: standing straight, place your feet together and arms down along the body to align. From this position try to stretch the whole body up, not get up at the same time on the socks.


The ideal option to end physical activity is a massage performed by a professional in this case. After this procedure, not only will you feel good, but also help your body to increase growth. This method is effective even for those over 25.


It turns out that the hardening contributes to not only strengthen the immune system, and increase growth. To become tempered, take the morning douche or wipe with cold towel.

Healthy sleep

It is very important to give your body proper rest. Everyday you need to sleep at least 7-9 hours and go to bed preferably before 22.00. So you need to do, because in this period begins active secretion of the growth hormone. In addition, the body more rest and he will be force for further growth and development.

Advice 6: How to increase female breast

Probably a little light on the women who would not have examined her Breasts in the mirror critically. And not tore up about the size of their Breasts. Every woman has their own ideas about the ideal shape of the bust and the motives which impel her to the step change in the size of the Breasts. Nowadays a lot of methods of changing the shape and size of the bust - a gym, cosmetics, massage, plastic surgery, cosmetics. And completely safe tools - invoice Boobs and corrective bra.
How to increase female breast
You will need
  • Bra for breast augmentation.
  • Strip under normal Laundry.
  • Hydrating cream.
  • Plastic surgery.
Slip chest appeared in the 17th century. Currently you can buy in a specialty store. It is made from high quality materials, not causing skin allergies. Inside the chest is a gel which mimic the genuine charms. The advantage of this breast is that you can choose the size and shape you want and adjust your figure. When the arms, clashes, in dance no one will feel that you invoice the chest.
The downside of this chest is that it's good for when you're dressed. But, if you undress,you can scare the date. It is necessary to select the invoice the chest carefully on the parameters, otherwise it will look funny.
Nowadays, it is possible to visually increase the size of the breast with special bra. These bras have a lining, often made of foam. And Breasts are not the shape of its Cup bottom bordered by a rigid frame.
Enlarge Breasts can and special fittings that are inserted into regular underwear. These pads are made of special porous material below the Breasts could breathe. Some companies produce these strips on the adhesive basis, which is convenient to use.
Models and sizes of bras that increase breastvariety. And only you can decide which one to pick out.
You can apply hydrating cream. They really increase breast and give it shape, but not safe. Part of the many creams add hormones, but it is not as advertised. Hormones affect the state of the fabric itself. The constant use of such creams can lead to cancer.
A modern hydrating cream contains in its composition hormones the micro-doses and are combined with substances which improve skin elasticity. The cream should be applied 2 times a day with light massage movements on the chest and neck.
Sometimes creams give a lasting effect, and sometimes just stretch the skin. After some time the chest will become the previous size, and the skin will SAG.
The number of women wanting to increase breast by using plastic remains quite large. By itself, the silicone is harmless. But we should not forget that nowadays breast cancer is a common disease. And any impact on the chest could trigger this.
Boobs don't make girls under the age of 18, if you have breast, cancer, diabetes, venereal diseases, chronic and acute diseases, disorders of blood clotting. It is not necessary to resort to plastic, if you are prone to allergies.
the surgery is performed under General anesthesia and lasts long. After surgery, the patient is in the clinic from 3 to 5 days.
After discharge the swelling lasts 2-4 weeks. During the month, should be wary to take care of the area of the stitches and to wear special underwear. In this case, after 6-8 months, the seams will become invisible.
The implant has to be replaced after 15-20 years.
How to increase female <strong>chest</strong>
Those who are going to give birth, it is better to wait with the prosthetic breast. It does not interfere with lactation, but the shape of the breast during feeding is distorted. This makes the operation impractical.
Useful advice
Before a radical change in the breast size and weigh everything . May not be worth it to do this. After all, large Breasts creates an inconvenience in hot weather. As well as having an adverse effect on the spine.

Advice 7: How to enlarge breast at home?

From the point of view of many men the size of the female breast is the main symptom of her sexuality, sexual attractiveness. As a response, the vast majority of women aspire to somehow enlarge their Breasts. Preferably, while not going under the surgeon's scalpel, and acting home remedies.
Push UPS - best exercise for breast enlargement
Forget about the widely advertised creams, pills, ointments and supplements that increases the breast. As a rule, the composition of these products include hormones or plant substances that mimic hormones. These drugs are ineffective and unsafe. Greatly increase the Breasts will not work. But impair natural hormonal balance and increase the risk of occurrence of formations in the mammary glands.

Sport and fitness for breast.

Pick the right bra and inflate the chest muscles. This will help not only to rapidly increase breast size at home, but for many years to keep good form and elasticity of the breast. And the effect, unlike hormonal methods, will be permanent.
Note that by using sport and fitness to increase your breast can only visually, as the muscle tissues in the mammary glands no.

Physical exercises always begin with a 5 minute warm-up. As a basic exercise, use pushups. Exercise do 5 approaches the maximum number of repetitions. If you have difficulty doing push UPS, exercise from the wall, standing at a distance of 1 m from it. To increase the load on the pectoral muscles, try push-UPS with hands wider than usual, so-called wide grip.

If necessary, add exercises with dumbbells, weighing 3-6 kg, depending on the level of preparedness. Lie on your back, hands with dumbbells scatter in all directions. Without bending your elbows, lift the dumbbells up to the moment information on the level of the chest. Palms throughout the exercise should look at each other. Perform 3 sets with maximum repetitions. This exercise is more difficult than regular pushups. But it gives a shock load on the pectoral muscles, allowing them to grow much faster.

Those who are to lazy to train the chest muscles or could not allocate a free time for a full workout, you can use isometric exercises. Sitting or standing, bring your hands from your chest so that the elbows were apart. With a squeeze of the palm to the chest muscles fully tensed. For 10 seconds, keep the maximum tension, and then relax. All you need to do 10 repetitions.

Note that exercise though and give a quick effect, but not for 2-3 sessions. Typically, the first results appear after a month of regular classes with a heavy workload. Therefore, pre-tune to regular, intense and dedicated efforts. For comparison, a special diet to increase breast give real effect after 3-6 months. In addition, these diets promote the growth of not only breast, but also the whole body. Therefore, active sports – a mandatory condition in order to enlarge Breasts and not fat.
Practice 2-3 times a week with a mandatory day of rest between workouts. In the days of leisure swim. It will strengthen and tighten the chest.

Do not forget about posture. The right back position is the main condition in order for the bust was always upbeat and looked in the most advantageous way.

Pay attention to the food. Eat more protein foods, foods with high fiber, vitamins.

Hardening of the breast.

Temper the chest. To do this, first do a massage with circular movements for 3-5 minutes, gently pressing down on her. You can use to massage different oils and extracts. Then set up the breast glands cool, cold, or contrast shower. These manipulations promote active blood flow in the breast, which in turn stimulate its growth. Not scientifically proved that this method promotes the growth of breast. However, it is clear that your Breasts will eventually become elastic, skin will be silky and will have a beautiful healthy look.

Advice 8: How to increase breast with herbs

Elastic, beautiful and well-groomed chest, no doubt, looks spectacular and sexy. That is why women wanting to increase bust, sometimes even willing to resort to drastic measures – to go under the surgeon's scalpel. Although enlarge Breasts and using the effective folk remedies, for example herbs.
How to increase breast with herbs

Hop cones for breast growth

Hop cones contain phytoestrogens, that is why they are used to stimulate breast growth. As a medicinal drug is administered, the infusion is prepared from the following components:
- 1 tbsp. l. hop cones collected in late summer or early autumn;
- a glass of water.

Hops pour hot water, after which the container with the composition is placed on the fire and bring the mixture to a boil, and then covering the pot with a lid, cook for another 7-8 minutes on low heat. Next, the broth is poured into a thermos and insist the whole night. In the morning the infusion is filtered. Take the drug in 70 ml three times a day before meals. After a few days of intake of this infusion in the breast area will feel tingly (this is a stimulant). Drink the infusion of hop cones should be 3 weeks then take a week break and then continue the procedure. The duration of intake varies from 3 to 6 months (each case considered individually).

Breast augmentation using red clover

For surgery increase bust use red clover, or to be more precise, its flowers. This herb is rich in isoflavones, anticoagulants, and substances regulating the levels of female sex hormones. To increase the mammary glands, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of red clover by the following recipe:
- 2 tbsp. l. dried flowers;
- 0,5 l of water.

Red clover and pour the boiling water, then put the container with the mixture on low heat for 27-30 minutes, then the decoction is filtered and cooled to a comfortable temperature. Take this medicine three times a day for 1 tablespoon the length of treatment is determined individually. In addition, this drug can be cleaned with a mammary gland (cause this composition with gentle, circular movements).

Herbal tea to increase bust

To enlarge Breasts, it is recommended to drink nettle tea, sage and lime blossom. Prepare the drug according to this recipe:
- a glass of water;
- 1 tsp. of herb.

Herb brewed with boiling water, then put the dishes with the mixture in a water bath for 18-20 minutes, then insist broth for 40 minutes (while the container should be covered with a lid) and filtered. Drink 70 ml three times a day. The course looks like this: 3 month take a decoction of nettles, then make a week break, then 3 months drink tea of wormwood, and then after a seven-day break of 90 days taking tea from a lime color. The result of this method of breast enlargement will exceed your expectations.
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