Advice 1: How to increase the breast hormones

Women often face a situation where in whatever was required to increase the size of the breast. However, many of them would wish to do without surgical intervention. How to increase breast with the help of hormones responsible for breast growth?
How to increase the breast hormones
Make an appointment with an endocrinologist, mammologist and gynecologist. Pass examination. Only joint actions of these doctors will help you to avoid further undesirable complications associated with the hormonal drugs.
Make sure that you follow all the recommendations of doctors. Carefully read the instructions for the use of drugs, check all side effects and contraindications, constantly monitor your hormone status. Remember that the chest stores purchased sizes only for as long as you use hormonal supplements and drugs to increase.
Purchase creams, ointments and pills that increase breast. It is desirable that it was not "pure" hormones and the so-called "plant hormones", the funds in whose composition contains extracts of plants, the effects of which are similar to the effects of estrogen on a woman's body (as exotic Pueraria Mirifica, which grows in Indochina and hops).
Use bust creams for increasing breast. Apply a little cream on each breast and RUB it in a circular motion into skin, avoiding the nipple, from the base of the breast to the outer and then the inner side for 5-7 minutes on each side. This procedure is carried out 2 times a day. This massage will increase the chest, and contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the Breasts and adjust the shape of the bust. Don't expect instant results: improvement of the breast comes about a month after the start of the bust cream.
Take pills containing hormones or drugs that increase estrogen in the body (bust capsules) every 4 hours, but not more than 4 times a day. Rethink your diet, eat less sweets and flour, in order not to cause side effects on the body insulin, which contributes to production of testosterone, the "male hormone". Limit the consumption of protein foods (especially meat). The first results you will notice 4-6 weeks after you start taking tablets or bust capsules.
Try to increase the Breasts without drugs, stimulating increased levels of prolactin in the body, using herbal teas, is usually recommended doctors nursing mothers, and massaging the Breasts several times a day the same as if you used a special cream.
Try to increase the level of somatropin without the use of drugs. Get plenty of sleep, eat lots of sweet, fat and flour and meat, follow the regime of the day.

Advice 2 : How to enlarge breast without surgery

For most women the breast size is important. And all because the ladies have luxurious and beautiful bust are very popular among men. Therefore, very often women with small Breasts, forced to turn to various ways of increase without surgery. To decide on surgery not everyone is capable of.
How to enlarge breast without surgery
Undoubtedly, natural methods for breast enlargement are considered the most efficient, safe and durable. In addition, they make a person active and healthy. Because the operation can cause significant injury, and the implants contributes to the occurrence of side effects.

It is possible to change the size of the Breasts using folk methods, for example, using hop cones. To do this, put a tablespoon of raw into a saucepan and pour a glass of boiling water. Then it is necessary to withstand prepared the collection for 7 hours, then drink half a Cup half an hour before eating.

According to mammologists, this method of breast enlargement is very effective. However, you need to consider that this is due to the growth and filling of the breast due to the contained in hops of phytoestrogens, which are analogues of female sex hormones. The fact that phytoestrogens contribute to the surging of blood to the breast, resulting in accelerating the process of metabolism and it is swelling. Thus, once terminated the use of the infusion of hops, the breast gradually returns to its former size.

It is also an effective way to increase breast volume is the massage, which the fair sex can do yourself. For elasticity and splendor of the breast is useful to RUB into her bedtime beer foam. The result from such procedures will not keep itself waiting long.

Breast enlargement through exercise

Strength training is also beneficial to the appearance of Breasts, leaving it toned, supple and attractive. thus, it seems more. To fulfill their daily needs. To increase breast need to sit down on the chair and connect the palms in front of chest. Followed alternately with the power to put pressure on them that allow you to feel the chest muscles. Note that when performing this exercises the muscles of the chest should be as tense.

Also lift the chest by using the following charge: to face the wall and press her hands within two minutes, the back should keep straight. This exercise should be performed 3 times. Important aspect of such training is maintaining a constant body weight. After all, intense exercise can lead to weight loss, and this factor will not affect the amount of breast. Therefore, load should increase the number and quality of the food.

Creamy remedies for breast enlargement

Produce a lot of special creams that increase the size of the breast due to their component of estrogen hormones that cause breast growth. Local use of such hormonal creams greatly reduces side effects from the hormones. Accordingly, body weight is not added, and the result is stored for several months. Also, allocate creamy facilities that enhance the circulation of blood in the chest gland, thereby changing its volume and store the result.
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