If you are going to an important event where you want to impress your cleavage, simply wear a push-up bra, which will increase and support your breast, making it as attractive as possible. This attribute is a wardrobe must for every woman. But to feel confident and relaxed without him, it is necessary to consider ways to increase breast at home.

Exercise. Firming your chest muscles, you'll notice how to change its form. His chest tightened, will rise, will become more elastic and plump. Exercises should be done regularly 3-4 times a week. The best option is to do the exercises on his chest through the day. To do exercises, not necessarily at the gym, there are exercises that are easy to make at home. The most simple:

  • push-UPS 10-15 times, 1-3 approach depending on your capabilities, if very hard doing push UPS - lie down on the floor kneel down and exercise in this position;
  • push-UPS on chairs - you will need 2 chairs, one to sit down and put the second leg, grasp hands behind chair on which to sit, and proceed to the pushups.

If these exercises seem difficult, start small - put your hands together in front of chest, keep elbows parallel to the floor, squeeze the palm of your hand sharp movements. You will feel how the muscles of the chest and how they are raised. This exercise should be done several times a day and as much as possible. Work effectively exercises with dumbbells. If you don't have dumbbells, grab two bottles of 0.5 liter and fill with water. Then, complicating the task, you can fill the bottle with sand. Remember that it is important not to overestimate their ability and start with small loads, gradually increasing them. If exercises are done regularly, the result will be noticeable within a week.

Massage and self-massage will also increase breast. You can ask your partner to massage you Breasts. This activity will bring pleasure to you and him. You can massage yourself - this will not only help to enlarge the Breasts, but will also give the opportunity to samoobsluzhivanie mammary glands for the presence of seals and tumors (and to do it once a month every woman). Massaging the chest can be rubbed into her cocoa butter, ylang-ylang, which also contribute to breast augmentation. Traditional recipes suggest to RUB in the chest with the foam of beer, as it contains hops, which affects the hormones women and helps to fill the chest. It is desirable that the beer was "alive".

Rubbing with a towel and douches contribute to tightening the breast making it elastic and supple. Direct the shower on the chest from the bottom up, dramatically change the water temperature. The breast skin becomes smoother, improves skin turgor.

Eat food that promotes breast enlargement. These include: cabbage, hops, beans, some spices (ginger, turmeric, oregano, thyme, sage, cloves), flax seed, dairy products.

The right bra - one of the assistants on the way to the beautiful chest. Chest contains a large amount of subcutaneous fat. Pick a bra that will support the Breasts and will give it the desired shape. Over time, the Breasts will take the form of this bra.

Use masks and creams for breast enlargement. They can be purchased in the store or make at home using recipes that have been collected in whole collections to the women's forum. Using store-bought creams, be attentive: pay attention to the components they can contain hormones, so before applying you should consult with your doctor.

Love your Boobs for what it is. Positive emotions always speed up the path to the goal. With regular use of exercises and other CPestw the result will not leave!