You will need
  • Bra for breast augmentation.
  • Strip under normal Laundry.
  • Hydrating cream.
  • Plastic surgery.
Slip chest appeared in the 17th century. Currently you can buy in a specialty store. It is made from high quality materials, not causing skin allergies. Inside the chest is a gel which mimic the genuine charms. The advantage of this breast is that you can choose the size and shape you want and adjust your figure. When the arms, clashes, in dance no one will feel that you invoice the chest.
The downside of this chest is that it's good for when you're dressed. But, if you undress,you can scare the date. It is necessary to select the invoice the chest carefully on the parameters, otherwise it will look funny.
Nowadays, it is possible to visually increase the size of the breast with special bra. These bras have a lining, often made of foam. And Breasts are not the shape of its Cup bottom bordered by a rigid frame.
Enlarge Breasts can and special fittings that are inserted into regular underwear. These pads are made of special porous material below the Breasts could breathe. Some companies produce these strips on the adhesive basis, which is convenient to use.
Models and sizes of bras that increase breastvariety. And only you can decide which one to pick out.
You can apply hydrating cream. They really increase breast and give it shape, but not safe. Part of the many creams add hormones, but it is not as advertised. Hormones affect the state of the fabric itself. The constant use of such creams can lead to cancer.
A modern hydrating cream contains in its composition hormones the micro-doses and are combined with substances which improve skin elasticity. The cream should be applied 2 times a day with light massage movements on the chest and neck.
Sometimes creams give a lasting effect, and sometimes just stretch the skin. After some time the chest will become the previous size, and the skin will SAG.
The number of women wanting to increase breast by using plastic remains quite large. By itself, the silicone is harmless. But we should not forget that nowadays breast cancer is a common disease. And any impact on the chest could trigger this.
Boobs don't make girls under the age of 18, if you have breast, cancer, diabetes, venereal diseases, chronic and acute diseases, disorders of blood clotting. It is not necessary to resort to plastic, if you are prone to allergies.
the surgery is performed under General anesthesia and lasts long. After surgery, the patient is in the clinic from 3 to 5 days.
After discharge the swelling lasts 2-4 weeks. During the month, should be wary to take care of the area of the stitches and to wear special underwear. In this case, after 6-8 months, the seams will become invisible.
The implant has to be replaced after 15-20 years.
How to increase female <strong>chest</strong>