Forget about the widely advertised creams, pills, ointments and supplements that increases the breast. As a rule, the composition of these products include hormones or plant substances that mimic hormones. These drugs are ineffective and unsafe. Greatly increase the Breasts will not work. But impair natural hormonal balance and increase the risk of occurrence of formations in the mammary glands.

Sport and fitness for breast.

Pick the right bra and inflate the chest muscles. This will help not only to rapidly increase breast size at home, but for many years to keep good form and elasticity of the breast. And the effect, unlike hormonal methods, will be permanent.
Note that by using sport and fitness to increase your breast can only visually, as the muscle tissues in the mammary glands no.

Physical exercises always begin with a 5 minute warm-up. As a basic exercise, use pushups. Exercise do 5 approaches the maximum number of repetitions. If you have difficulty doing push UPS, exercise from the wall, standing at a distance of 1 m from it. To increase the load on the pectoral muscles, try push-UPS with hands wider than usual, so-called wide grip.

If necessary, add exercises with dumbbells, weighing 3-6 kg, depending on the level of preparedness. Lie on your back, hands with dumbbells scatter in all directions. Without bending your elbows, lift the dumbbells up to the moment information on the level of the chest. Palms throughout the exercise should look at each other. Perform 3 sets with maximum repetitions. This exercise is more difficult than regular pushups. But it gives a shock load on the pectoral muscles, allowing them to grow much faster.

Those who are to lazy to train the chest muscles or could not allocate a free time for a full workout, you can use isometric exercises. Sitting or standing, bring your hands from your chest so that the elbows were apart. With a squeeze of the palm to the chest muscles fully tensed. For 10 seconds, keep the maximum tension, and then relax. All you need to do 10 repetitions.

Note that exercise though and give a quick effect, but not for 2-3 sessions. Typically, the first results appear after a month of regular classes with a heavy workload. Therefore, pre-tune to regular, intense and dedicated efforts. For comparison, a special diet to increase breast give real effect after 3-6 months. In addition, these diets promote the growth of not only breast, but also the whole body. Therefore, active sports – a mandatory condition in order to enlarge Breasts and not fat.
Practice 2-3 times a week with a mandatory day of rest between workouts. In the days of leisure swim. It will strengthen and tighten the chest.

Do not forget about posture. The right back position is the main condition in order for the bust was always upbeat and looked in the most advantageous way.

Pay attention to the food. Eat more protein foods, foods with high fiber, vitamins.

Hardening of the breast.

Temper the chest. To do this, first do a massage with circular movements for 3-5 minutes, gently pressing down on her. You can use to massage different oils and extracts. Then set up the breast glands cool, cold, or contrast shower. These manipulations promote active blood flow in the breast, which in turn stimulate its growth. Not scientifically proved that this method promotes the growth of breast. However, it is clear that your Breasts will eventually become elastic, skin will be silky and will have a beautiful healthy look.