Do stretching on my toes every morning. Stretch as high as possible while straightening your back and chest. When you do this, inhale deeply, then exhale, down on the heels and relaxing the body. Follow a few of these try, continuing to breathe deeply. So you will be able to straighten the chest, which often becomes narrow from sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
Every 2-3 days follow a special way of the squats, hold your hands behind your head or with a barbell on your shoulders (weight set optional). Take a deep breath and two full repetition of the exercise, then exhale. Deep breath, make two squat, then exhale. Do 8-10 reps of 3-5 sets. This exercise will also help to expand the chest. Even a month of workouts like that you will notice the result.
Do pushups or bench press with light weight. These exercises will strengthen chest muscles, making Breasts will stand out more. In addition, due to the physical exertion, the blood will circulate through the vessels of the body more active, which will provide the necessary influx of nutrients to the mammary. Perform 6 to 10 repetitions in 3 sets.
Take daily douches. First rinse in warm water, then gradually take her temperature, making it more cool. Such hardening is very beneficial effect on the shape of breast, make it firm and taut.
Watch your diet. Remember that strict diet will burn fat throughout the body, including the mammary gland. However, you can eat in a sparing mode, while not having an adverse effect on breast size. Eat more protein foods so that the body becomes more toned and fit. Particularly useful is the chicken breast, which contains easily digestible protein, contributing to a marked increase in a breast for 2-4 weeks. Also at least once a week eat legumes, which make the Breasts firmer and her skin smooth.
Include in the diet foods containing vegetable fats: nuts, olives and olive oil, peas, soy. Vegetables pay special attention to the tomatoes and cabbage. It is believed that they contain a small dose of phytoestrogen – an analogue of the female hormone, due to which the breast becomes rounded. All this will give visible results in one month.