What creams help enlarge Breasts?

Is the many creams and gels promises noticeable breast enlargement, but in fact, these funds have only pull-up effect or increase blood circulation in the area of application, whereby the chest is slightly raised, the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, becomes more healthy and well-groomed appearance. In breast tissue means a noticeable effect has not, Breasts begin to grow. The action of such creams is very short, but the desired effect is achieved for several applications.
There are tools that are able to influence the synthesis of fat, they do increase Breasts, make its contours more attractive and rounded. Most often in their part of volufiline – extract of Asian Gardenia.

The most effective creams, the main active ingredient of which are phytoestrogens – plant components with properties similar to female hormones. The funds – a real salvation for women in the body which lowered the natural level of estrogen. Phytoestrogens stimulate breast growth and improve condition of the skin. As a rule, the composition of these funds includes extracts of hops or Pueraria (tropical legumes).

To buy creams for breast augmentation better in pharmacies or in specialized stores – the only way to guarantee the quality control of the funds, in particular, the concentration of active substances. Products manufacturers questionable at best ineffective, at worst harmful to health.


Even the best cream won't make the first size the fourth – that it can only be plastic surgery. Usually manufacturers promise to increase breast volume by a few centimeters on one size, very rarely – two.

Do not expect a rapid effect – the effect of the cream becomes noticeable for at least two months. On average, to achieve the goal requires 3-4 months. This requires daily application of the cream – smeared Breasts from case to case and wait for the usual bra finally become small, meaningless.
The effect lasts only as long as the woman uses them regularly. Termination of application entails a quick return Breasts to their original state.

Apply creams with phytoestrogens is not recommended for young girls, puberty is still to be completed finally, and nulliparous young women to avoid violation of the hormonal balance. In extreme cases, we recommend consultation with a mammologist.

Creams with phytoestrogens or stimulators of the synthesis of adipose tissue have a high cost. If you consider that to achieve the effect required prolonged or regular use, or a combination of the cream with other products from the same series – serums, gels, ointments, designed to accelerate the increase of the bust – the total cost may be compared with the cost of plastic surgery.