To bust has become more need to make a diet based on the principles of healthy eating. If the diet will prevail vegetables, fruits, dairy and other healthy foods, it will be possible to increase the production of estrogen. This hormone influences the size of the breast. And surgery is not required.

Fruits and vegetables for breast augmentation

Even our grandmothers believed that regular consumption of cabbage can become the owner of lush Breasts. However, the special relationship between the female form and this vegetable is not found. Need to increase the proportion of fresh vegetables in the diet, with an emphasis on legumes.
To preserve the maximum of useful properties of products, increasing the chest, will help the rejection of salt and minimal heat treatment. Follow the terms and rules of food storage.

Of beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils and other legumes contains phytoestrogen that makes the breast beautiful and firm. Also you need to eat more carrots, pumpkins, to make dishes from pomegranate, apples, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes. Will help to increase breast blueberries, strawberries, olives, rhubarb. In addition to the General recovery of the body, the berries allow us to avoid the harmful effects of radicals. And cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red – can block the growth of cancer cells.

Nutritionists advise to eat for breast growth more spices, herbs. What? For example, fenugreek, fennel and parsley. This method is good if the inclusion in the diet of spices to prevent allergic reactions.

Nutrition for breast growth

Diet to increase bust must contain different dairy products. Desired effect have and seeds – sunflower, fennel, pumpkin, they have estrogen. You can also cook with soy, it is known to natural female hormone.

No need to eliminate from the diet fatty foods, but to do it only in favor of healthy fats. They are rich in olive oil, nuts, herring, avocados, sesame seeds. To make the chest firm called shrimp, other seafood, food from beef, chicken, rich in protein.
Bread can also help to enlarge the Breasts, but there is only need branny. Consume dietary supplements, brewer's yeast, stimulates the growth of bust.

If you want to increase the size of breast at home, try to avoid coffee, carbonated beverages, excessive consumption of sweets and alcohol. The exception is red wine with antioxidants that slow aging. Drink up to three glasses a week. Often brew and green tea. You need to drink as much normal pure water to help the body to perform metabolic processes.