Of course, you have to understand in what form, you can allow yourself to joke in every sentence, and to be limited only to hint that a sense of humor is not alien to you. If you, for example, write about yourself in a resume that you intend to present to a prospective employer, then it is better to adhere to the business style and afford the only joke in the section on your Hobbies and interests.
If you want to tell about yourself on a Dating site or already acquainted, describe yourself, then it is possible not to hesitate – a sense of humor was always a plus for any person. Only those who explicitly or implicitly denies itself, will not make fun of him. Your ability to bring a smile, talking about himself, says that you are confident, loving and appreciating yourself, which is always attractive. The ability to good-naturedly make fun of themselves talking about your mental health.
Tell us about yourself. Describing the appearance, especially the features, which can not be called standard, highlight them with a joke. For example, speaking about his growth, if he is above or below average, you have to increase or slightly decrease, make promises that are obviously unrealistic, and it will be clear that this is a joke.
Describe with humour, their achievements. For some people, success, power – the issues of life or death. They are ready to achieve them, gritting his teeth and pushing elbows everyone who gets in their way. This is a great occasion for jokes. Note in your story that life is cyclical and failures outnumber successes, tell us about them easily, laugh at the difficulties, mark their temporary nature. Your life should not seem endless race, the Respondent needs to see that you treat her as a pleasant and fascinating journey.
Don't be afraid to tell about their shortcomings, not forgetting to mention that they are already lined up to fix it. The very fact that you see them and realize the need to work on them, talk about your willpower and determination.