Applying for a new job? Your colleagues will want to know where you come from, as in school, some University. Prepare a small presentation. It can be pictures of your hometown, school, University, a few photos that illustrate your hobby.
Before going to a new company where you want to make a good impression, take care of your appearance. You must look neat and stylish, but in any case, not provocatively. Use unusual accessories: wear a bright scarf, jewellery you brought from travel, a funny hat. Beautiful hair and well-chosen makeup will complete your appearance.
When you're asked to introduce yourself, state your name. It is not necessary to write stories about your noble descent or of how his own mother left you in the storage room at the station, where through the night you were found and adopted by kind people. It is likely that after these stories you deem just weird. It is better to tell any interesting facts about yourself. Perhaps you are fond of Hiking and even a rise on Everest? Your new colleagues will be in awe of the fact that they now know personally, the conqueror of peaks. Moonlighting as a hand-maiden? Bring your creation. Maybe you have a home live iguana, you spent several years in Japan or directed a short film that won the student competition? Interesting stories about yourself will help you to pass the original person.
If you participate in the competition, and you need interesting present yourself, tell your biography in verse. If you have no poetic bone in your body, please visit "the assistant to the poet." The program will help you to choose the rhyme and rhythm to create a successful product.