Write competently. If you want to find someone intelligent, with whom it will be interesting to communicate, then you need to create the ads without mistakes, so as not to scare off people who would like to meet you. Try to make the ad nice, nice font, but no frills.
Clearly specify the qualities that you would like to see in your partner. Specify the age, education, body type, relationship to health and all else that is most important when choosing a companion.Also, provide similar data about yourselfthat a potential partner understood, with whom deals.If you are a demanding partner, you can specify it in the ad so people who don't fit your requirements, don't worry. If you want to consider a lot of candidates, you should not do this.
Emphasize its advantages. Everything you believe to be your ornament and advantage, be sure to specify. No need to write trivial things that are related to almost all people. Inform yourself about the information that will be acceptable to the society. In the ad there should be no vulgarity and phrases that could be offending anyone.
Select the Declaration form. If you are looking for a sex partner, a Declaration must be drawn up in fervent form. For fans of romance will fit the sensual form of the announcement. For companionship or just fun suitable soft style of writing.
Define your image. Few people can describe themselves without embellishment and still be satisfied. Many often create the image of a man they would like to be. If you think that the motto "be yourself" is not for you, design your own artificial image. In addition, you have to get used to the new role before meeting with the person to feel comfortable in society.