You will need
  • - pedagogical concept;
  • - methodological developments;
  • - photographs;
  • - a video about the life of the group;
  • - DIY children;
  • - benefits made by the tutor;
  • - computer with a graphical editor and PowerPoint.
Make a rough plan of your presentation. In terms of competition usually indicates how much time it should take your "business card", but it is in fact the only prerequisite. All the rest is your creativity. Identify the tasks your work. Tell us about how you became a teacher and what programs work. If weight is the author's method, be sure to mention about it. Explain what makes it better than others and what results are obtained.
Think about how to represent on paper the bare facts to the audience and the jury was interesting. Many are trying to pass information about their activities in the poems. Don't do that, if you do not have a pronounced poetic gift. Assess your capabilities and decide what you do best. Form a "business card" can be anyone, from business games to cartoon.
If you have graphics software, create a computer presentation. It is possible to tell and about myself and about the life of the group. Pick up and scan photos and children's drawings. Place them in the correct order. Images need to be selected such, for which the action is clear and without explanation. Surely in your teaching activities were fun moments. Find them a place in the presentation.
You can remove the video. Of course, you need not cook it in the evening before the competition. Ask for help parents. Surely someone of them taking children to matinees or during the regime moments. Select the brightest fragments, add their photos. In this case, would require the author's text. It can be serious or humorous. Follow the rule that the text should not repeat what the audience see on the screen. Visuals and sound must complement each other. If among the parents is the person that knows and loves making movies, ask him to help.
Invite the audience on a fantastic journey. A story you can play right in the hall or to make a cartoon. Imagine Cinderella, Sister Alyonushka or any other fairytale character. Tell us how the Samba became a tutor and what evil characters she had to meet. These characters can be present at the first hurdle, confusing new program, and much more, what every teacher faces almost every day. If you have a good command of computer animation can make even a movie on this tale. But it may be the play real action and the story with illustrations.
You can present your work in the form of a business game. Imagine that the audience and the jury is children. Quite often these competitions are judged not only by the professional jury, but also the student. It can be high school students or students of the pedagogical College. They usually participate in these games with pleasure. At the beginning of this "study" tell us a little bit about yourself and what activity you are doing. This can be done in a surprise moment, about the same as in class with the kids. You can be in front of your children in the way of any character, from Vasilisa the wise to the hero of disney cartoons. Come up with interesting assignments for the topic on which you are working. Participants can guess riddles, draw, play outdoor games. In the latter case, it is necessary in advance to inspect the venue and to ensure that space was enough.