In the first paragraph present information about yourself – indicate surname, name and patronymic, year of birth, and contact telephone numbers, email address, home address to in you was easy to contact when needed.
Then state your earned education. Enter high school, which you graduated and year of graduation. If you studied and graduated from the graduate school, will also reflect this information with indication of the scientific background and academic degree, if you got it. Here enter all the courses, finished the business training and business school. Reflect participation in scientific conferences, point to the authorship of scientific papers and articles.
Tell us about the experience of their work. List their duties and tell us about the concrete results of your work. Well, if they have a digital expression. Highlight those projects that were relevant, specify customers. List the tools you own and who used in their work. Check the level of knowledge of foreign languages. Jobs and employers are listing in reverse order, indicating the period of work.
Personal qualities are not required, all understand that their assessment is subjective. Can indicate your Hobbies, they, sometimes, also can tell a lot about you. In your own interest, these Hobbies were more active than better – sports.
The text is proofread for grammatical errors. The information file itself save in Microsoft Office format. Call it by his name, to the introduction of the database of candidates it was not necessary to rename, it will come to you the HR Manager even before he reads your resume.