A sabbatical for family reasons

The main reason nursing students in a sabbatical various family circumstances. Pregnancy of the student in the provision of relevant documents may be grounds for such leave. Not every pregnancy is proceeding smoothly, and attendance, and sometimes the delivery of the examination session, may have a negative impact on the development of the fetus. This is due, primarily, to the stress tests the expectant mother.

Birth of child student also serves as a compelling reason to temporarily stop training. Usually the birth of a child this holiday are young mothers-students. The balance of priority in this case is easily explained. The child in the first years of life are particularly in need of constant care of the mother. Some students, who became the fathers of newborn children, take a sabbatical, as usual to exit my mother at work to need extra cash.

Another family factor that allows you to take a leave of absence is illness of a close relative. If father, mother or other very to you dear man requires constant care due to illness, you will not hesitate to take a sabbatical. This is especially true when besides you no one else to care for the sick.

Family circumstances forcing to suspend the study at the University, quite a lot. There is a clear list. However, these facts have to be respectful and be supported by your application, and in some cases, and documents (certificate of pregnancy, the birth certificate of the child, etc.)

Academic leave for performance of civil obligations

Military service students in some cases take a sabbatical and serve in the Russian army. They explain the desire to continue to make a successful career. Such voluntary withdrawal students of the Universities in the army is associated with the activities of the state to strengthen the defense of the country. However, this phenomenon has not yet acquired a mass character, and the majority of students prefer to remain in educational institutions for further lifelong learning.

Academic leave at the student's illness

Human health does not depend on his desires and aspirations. Students are often forced to take a sabbatical for any health problems. Can cause accidents, complications from various viral infections, and other diseases in which the healing process takes a relatively long period of time. Thus in educational institution a student or other person on his behalf substantiating this medical document.