First and foremost, to take a sabbatical, you must determine the reason why the school should offer the student this type of accommodation. A sabbatical is divided into two types. The first vacation for health reasons. The second is the leave for exceptional cases: family leave, vacation and maternity leave, leave to care for a child up to three years leave of absence due to natural disasters.
Further, if the leave for health reasons must obtain special medical documents. The first document is the certificate form 095/W. This certificate is issued for a period up to 10 days disabled student in connection with the presence of the disease. The second document – certificate form 027/W. This certificate serves as proof of the existence of the disease according to the reference form 095/y, and also contains information about the severity, the duration of the disease and the recommendation to release the student from any physical activity and a visit to the school. And the third and final main document for the registration of the academic leave – the conclusion of the clinical expert of the Commission on the status of the health of the student. This document contains all the results of the inspections, the results of the tests, information about the disease and the feasibility of registration of the academic leave.

This set of documents will be a valid reason for the rector of the institution in the resolution of design academic leave for health reasons.
In the second case, consider the leave for pregnancy and childbirth. In order to take a leave of maternity must be in school to take a request for medical expert Commission. But to get it, there should be no arrears for the previous session. If there is the presence of debt, the results of the request can be denied. After receiving a request in the University, you must contact the clinic, which cooperates with the institution. In the health care facility must submit the following documents for submission of fee: a request received at the University, student ID card, student record book, extract from the outpatient medical card of the institution where the student was observed in connection with pregnancy, help 095/U. Then the student receives the decision of the Commission carried out and provides it to the Dean of the institution. And on the basis of this decision addresses the issue of the management of the institution on granting a student academic leave.
In the third case of academic leave on the basis of family circumstances, is provided in the following order. The student must file a petition, stating the reason for the sabbatical leave, the rector of the institution. And after consideration of the situation of the student leadership of the University, the decision on granting a student academic leave.