In the personal Cabinete stream you can read the status of account, Fund it, change a tariff plan, to enable or disable a variety of additional services. In order to enter the office, go to the website In the upper right corner look for "Entrance to Personal Cabinet", use it. Enter your username and password, click "Login".
In the menu of personal Cabinet you will see the available actions on the left side of the screen is the quick menu. To know the status of account or expenditure of funds, enter the section "Account". In the section "Payment" you can Fund your account in various ways (for plastic card, prepaid card, receive a receipt for payment through the Bank), view payment history. The stream provides a bonus program where you accumulate points with every payment, which can then use to get a discount. This can be done in the section "accrual of points".
To connect additional services (free mail box virtual mail server and other) in the section "Additional services". To change the tariff plan, change the password to the personal account, connect other equipment, see "Services Internet". Connection control your home TV going on in the section "TV".
MTS offers users stream their own antivirus which comes in many different sizes. You can buy it in the section "MTS.Antivirus". In the section "Settings and queries", contains information and forms for the submission of applications for certain services (order of the engineer to install the equipment, the transfer channel, obtaining the balance of the personal account by Bank transfer, termination, etc.), as well as form to change your contact information, change password.
After finishing work in the personal office be sure to complete the session in the section "Exit".