Dress scarves without a pattern

Options create stylish outfits from scarves a lot. Summer light airy sundress with open back you can sew two silk handkerchiefs, spending 1-2 hours. Take two scarf size 140х140 cm − the size depends on the length of the product − put them right sides inward, diagonally aside the length of the skirt, through this point draw an arc, connecting two opposite corners and take a break. The upper corners are the bodice, duplicate them with a thick cloth.

Take a break from the remnants of the shawl of straps, drawstring and ribbon for her. Glue straps of adhesive interlining. Sew the scarves on the two adjacent sides, the seams will be in the middle of the front and back. Sostrochite straps and sew them to the corners of the bodice. Put duplicate items face the front of the dress and sew on the open sections, at the same time prestativa straps. Remove the bodice and Tutuila. The free lower edge of the part to the dress sew the basting stitches. From the wrong side sew the drawstring, thread the ribbon into it. Hemming the bottom of the dress after it "otvisetsya".

Two elegant scarves you can sew the tunic dress with a boat neckline. Fold the handkerchiefs inside out, sew shoulder seams, leaving 20-25 cm for neck. Put on the fabric the width of the hips and the distance sew on the front side of the side seams. In the waist to get a belt. Sewn from pavlogoradsky scarves tunic can be worn in the cold season. Pick her jewelry in ethnic style.

Dress with drape

Scarves drape well, so they'll make a chic dress with cutout"swing". This model is a little more difficult for her tailoring is necessary to make a pattern on the bias. Remove the measurements − the waist and hips, bust.

For the construction of the pattern backless fold the shawl diagonally in the upper corner will have plenty of cutout for the neck, leaving 7 cm, and the shoulder line. Down from the shoulder line back to 15-20 cm, this will be the armhole. On the middle line measure of the chest, waist and hips, perpendicular guide line, put them at ¼ of the volume of the relevant standards. Add to each measure 5 cm to freedom fit.

Swipe down the sideline and cutting the fabric, adding 1.5−2 cm for seams. Shelf cut out similarly, the only change is to cut the neck angle straight, wide, 15-20 cm Sections treat on the serger, sew shoulder and side seams, armhole and neck treat oblique welts.