For the manufacture of dresses, take a rectangular piece of satin or any other flowing material. The width of the blade may be fixed and the length equal to your height from the floor to the shoulders. Roughly speaking, take 3 meters of fabric.
To create now you will elegant evening dress in the Greek style. Expand the cloth, spread it on the floor, using centimeters, find the middle of the canvas. Swipe the chalk cross the line. Where it passes, will be the future shoulders of the dress. The same cm, find the middle of the cut and drawn through this point draw a line perpendicular to the first length of about 20 cm.
Put a cloth over the head on the shoulders and define the depth of the future neckline. The most courageous person can choose even the neckline to the waist, we will dwell on the neckline that extend to chest level. Mark with chalk the desired size, remove the dress, a pair of scissors, increase the incision to the head. Again put on the canvas itself.
Tie under the chest ribbon is made of the same material. There comes the most responsible stage. You must collect the future dress in the Assembly. Slide the fabric falling over the hands to the shoulders and start forming the pleats, securing them with pins on the ribbon. Beautiful drape first one breast, then the other.
When the result suits you, take the needle and thread and sew the fabric to the tape. A particularly beautiful seam do not need, on top you let another tape. Back dress can be issued in a similar way, or choose any other kind of drapery. If you choose the neckline to the waist, then draping you will need 2 strips, one at chest level and a second at waist level. The back of the tape can be laid crosswise, in this case, the dress will be more like a Greek tunic.
When the Foundation is ready, take the second tape, and it may be the same as the dress color and may contrast. Neat stitches tab tape using existing creases. Sew the side seams. If necessary, hem hem. Evening dress ready. As you can see, its sewing is no big deal. Starting to work immediately after lunch, in the evening, you get the outfit in which do not be ashamed to seem at the most fashionable reception.