First and foremost stop the bleeding. To do this, apply a tight pressure bandage on the wound surface, and if necessary, clamp the bleeding artery. In the case when the wound is on arm or leg, raise the limb. Apply a tourniquet only if a strong bleeding.
Serious injury resulting in damage of blood vessels or internal organs, requires urgent surgical intervention. Urgently contact the experts.
The patient should be administered an injection of the serum against tetanus (1500 – 3000 AE) or a heart remedy. You may need to give oxygen or ammonia.
A small wound antiseptic. For this purpose it is possible to use a solution Furatsilina or Chlorhexidine. You can also crush the pill of Streptozocin and the resulting powder sprinkle damage.
As an antiseptic often used a three percent solution of potassium permanganate, a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide and two-percent solution of chlorine bleach.
If the there is no named antiseptics, smoothen the edges of an open wound five or ten percent Sintomitsinovoy ointment or ordinary green paint. In any case, do not use iodine, because it can lead to serious burns.
Bandage the wound and do daily dressing changes.
In treating festering open wounds can help folk remedies. For example, twice a day, apply the cut leaf of aloe (agave) to the damage. It perfectly pulls pus formation, very soon your wound will be cleansed. After that, grease the surface of the sea buckthorn oil to promote healing.